Bild. The mysterious death of Putin’s executioner

In the Eastern Ukrainian city of Makeevka with a flame thrower «bumblebee» was killed by Pro-Russian field commander Mikhail Tolstykh, known under the Callsign Givi. The government of the self-proclaimed «Donetsk national Republic» announced the terrorist attack.

«Givi became famous for his extroverted lifestyle and war crimes, which he documented on video,» writes Julian turnip in the pages the German tabloid Bild. For example, his 35th birthday, the commander celebrated just a few kilometers from the front, surrounded by tanks and young girls. Also Givi mocked the prisoners and threatened them with violence.

It is currently unclear who killed Tolstoy said later. Russian state TV quoted one of the rebel representatives, expressed confidence that «all the evidence speaks in favor of Ukrainian special services.» According to Bild, Ukrainian activists do not exclude the possibility that Fat could kill «the soldiers of the Ukrainian underground.»

Meanwhile, the «more probable version that the Kremlin is simply removed another dedicated to Russian intervention in Eastern Ukraine,» writes roepke.

«Givi knew who shot down a passenger plane, flying flight MH17, and from where the terrorists got the weapons. Now he will never tell you about it. But if he was captured…» — said the publication of one of the activists from the occupied Lugansk. The Kremlin immediately denied this version.

Mikhail Tolstoy in any case was not the first «man involved in the very first hours of the events in Ukraine», which in recent months has died a sudden unnatural death. So, 27 January 2017, allegedly of a heart attack died, the Russian Valery Bolotov from may to August 2014, the first head of the LC. Many Ukrainians consider it a «living proof» that in the East of Ukraine was «not an uprising of the local population, and the Russian intervention.»

16 Oct 2016 during a bomb explosion in Donetsk killed a Pro-Russian commander Arseny Pavlov with the Callsign Motorola. Earlier in 2015 there have been a series of deaths of the commanders of the two self-proclaimed people’s Republic, who fell out with head Igor Carpentry. Among them — the commander of the Cossack units Dremov Pavel, commander Alexei Brain and . «Only in the East of Ukraine out of military action killed nine of Putin’s thugs, including several Russian citizens», — stated in the article.

The Moscow correspondent of Swiss television Christoph Franzen believes this «cleaning» and «infighting» and not terrorist attacks.

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Bild. The mysterious death of Putin’s executioner 09.02.2017

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