Bild. Prime Minister of Ukraine: «Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine»

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman in an interview to the German Bild has expressed hope that US President Donald trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not allow the easing of sanctions against Russia.

«We believe that the American President trump will understand that here (in the East of Ukraine. — Approx. ed.) is really going on. I can’t imagine the discussion about the easing of sanctions on the background of current Russian aggression,» — said the politician. According to him, the easing of sanctions «possible only when Russia withdraws its troops from the territory of Ukraine, and the separatists will abide by the Minsk agreements». «As long as Russia is waging a war here, it is impossible,» he said.

«Moreover, Chancellor Angela Merkel — a great friend of Ukraine. She, like no other stands for the European values. It plays a key role in world politics, and it will not allow decisions to the detriment of Ukraine. I am sure,» — said Groisman.

Also the head of Ukrainian government has denied allegations that in recent weeks the Ukrainian army attempted to move on the territory controlled by separatists, provoking thus the aggravation. «That’s nonsense, — said Groisman. — One who argues such, ought to come to East Ukraine and see the situation for thousands of Ukrainian families, including hundreds of children, was without heat, electricity and water. Them innocent civilians, was bombed by rockets. The truth is that we want peace, Russia wants to further destabilize Ukraine.»

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Bild. Prime Minister of Ukraine: «Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine» 10.02.2017

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