Bild. Poroshenko: «the Risk of open war became even more than last year»

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in an interview with German tabloid Bild has accused Russia of building up its troops on Ukraine. «Russia does not Minsk agreement, but on the contrary, increasing the number of its troops in Ukraine», — said Poroshenko, during his visit to Germany. As a result, as noted by the Ukrainian President, «the risk of open war became even more than last year.»

«In our country now there are 8 thousand Russian soldiers, along with Russian commanders near the border are military bases, regular exercises. Russia invests heavily in preparations for war. And we don’t get any explanations», — said Poroshenko.

Also Poroshenko has called for the delivery to Ukraine weapons from Germany. «We support this idea and to achieve this, because it is about the security of Europe — continued policies. — We all need to help each other more mutual support, to be ready for anything. However, in the foreground should still be a diplomatic solution».

In addition, Poroshenko commented on the abolition of sanctions against Russia. «I believe that whoever sees what is happening in the East of Ukraine, can never be for the lifting of sanctions». «Europe should not become hostage to Putin’s blackmail because someone thinks that without him allegedly cannot solve the Syrian issue», — said Poroshenko.

According to the Ukrainian President, «all that is happening in the world, directly or indirectly associated with aggression from Russia». «Therefore, the maintenance of sanctions is a matter of values, — said the politician. — Russia wants to drive a wedge between European countries. It is her goal. And we must not let this happen».

«Even if you look at this question from an economic point of view, the Russian market is not what it was a few years ago. And Europe has become less dependent on it,» he added.

In conclusion, Poroshenko said that «Putin does not pay attention to any red lines and under the pretext of alleged discrimination of Russian minority can Annex other countries». «Thanks to the Russian propaganda now everyone knows about the history of Lisa. Shocking propaganda is new for Germany. Ukraine is faced with this for over a year and a half, with this lie that the Russian media is repeated until then, until people start to believe it. Now, Putin has waged an information war against Germany. And we must fight it together, because truth is on our side», — said the Ukrainian President.

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Bild. Poroshenko: «the Risk of open war became even more than last year» 03.02.2016

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