Bild. In Kiev «on the carpet» summoned the Ambassador of Germany

An interview with the German Ambassador to Ukraine Ernst Reichel caused a diplomatic scandal and calls for a boycott of Embassy of Germany in Kiev, the correspondent of Bild Julian turnip.

Answering the question (Ukrainian media) about the terms on which the diplomat considers possible carrying out in the occupied Donbass regional elections, as required by the Minsk agreement, Reichel called mandatory compliance with European standards and to participate in elections Ukrainian politicians who would lead the election campaign «without fear». He said he «did not consider that elections in the Donbas were held only when it will be withdrawn from the Russian soldiers, and each institution will be hanging the Ukrainian flag.» The Ambassador «allowed himself a daring comparison,» writes a correspondent cited the example of East Germany, where the only free elections in the people’s chamber on 18 March 1990 took place in the presence of Soviet troops and «in spite of this, led to the change.» The Ambassador stressed that the situation in the GDR and in the Donbass are not identical.

Ukraine has seen in the statement of the Ambassador is the insult in his address, as according to Ukrainian legislation, the withdrawal of Russian troops is a prerequisite for the elections. Immediately after that, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry summoned Reichel for an explanation. According to Bild, the Ukrainian side «expressed concern over an inappropriate statement Reichel, which was made at the wrong time, during the offensive of Pro-Russian forces in the East of the country.»

Moreover, a group of Ukrainian deputies headed by Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on foreign Affairs Anna hopko demanded to boycott the reception in the German Embassy on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of establishing relations between Germany and Ukraine. Many MPs expressed outrage in social networks. For example, MP Mustafa Nayem wrote in Facebook that «Ambassador Reichel had exceeded his authority and abused the status.» And the Vice-speaker of the Parliament Irina Gerashchenko called the words Reichel «undiplomatic and insulting to Ukraine.»

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Bild. In Kiev «on the carpet» summoned the Ambassador of Germany 08.02.2017

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