Big business signed the Declaration: fair taxes and the rejection of non-transparent politicians

Representatives of large and medium businesses have joined together in «Ukrainian business initiative» and signed a Declaration whereby they agree to honestly pay taxes and refuse from non-transparent financing of politicians. Signed this document a group of representatives of large and medium businesses, reports «Economic truth».

«We, the owners of large and medium Ukrainian business recognize that some responsibility for the current crisis also rests on us. We recognize the responsibility for restoring confidence in the country and creation of a new model of its development», — stated in the Declaration.

«For this conscious business representatives came together in «Ukrainian business initiative», which aims at economic growth of Ukraine and overcoming the crisis», — noted in a statement to the media.

Core values and principles of the organization’s representatives recorded in the Declaration.

The document notes that businessmen undertake to invest their own funds and attract investments into the Ukrainian economy, to create jobs with decent conditions and pay.

In addition, they guarantee honesty and transparency of taxes to the Ukrainian budget, and promise not to Finance non-transparent politicians and political projects.

The Declaration also States that the business is interested in fair justice and transparent rules of the game, ready to contribute to the creation of such rules and shall observe them.

«We are United by the responsibility for the country and proactivity. If we don’t act now — we can lose Ukraine. Our goal is to help the country emerge from the crisis and achieve economic growth. To do this, Ukraine needs capital, and capital arises when there is trust,» said co-owner of Corporation ISD Sergey Taruta.

«Now in the triangle «business — authorities — society» we have not enough confidence, and this is one of the fundamental concepts on which we need to work,» he said.

Part of the «Ukrainian business initiative» included: Serhiy Taruta, co-owner of the Corporation «ISD»; Vitaliy Antonov, President of «Concern Galnaftogaz»; Evgeni Utkin, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors Cmage; Victor Pinchuk, the owner of EastOne; Viktor Tsoi, President of MTI; Ihor Liski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Effective investment»; Gennady Butkevich, co-owner of the supermarket chain ATB; Andriy Gordiychuk, co-owner of the company «Svarog»; Oleg Bakhmatyuk, the owner of «Ukrlegprom»; Igor Mazepa, CEO of Concorde Capital; lion blazer, co-owner of the company SigmaBleyzer and others.

Recall that in early August 2015 in Kyiv took place the first unofficial meeting of representatives of big business.

«It was an informal «gathering» of former and current oligarchs and representatives of big business held in the hotel «Hayat», — wrote in his blog the MP PPO Sergey Leshchenko.

At the first meeting was attended by Rinat Akhmetov, Sergey Taruta, Viktor Pinchuk, Vasyl Khmelnitsky and Yuri Kosyuk. Delegated its Trustee and Konstantin Zhevago. There was also a representative from Evgeny Utkin. Valery Khoroshkovsky was on the phone with one of the initiators of the meeting.

Meeting in the media dubbed the «conspiracy of oligarchs». One of the initiators of the meeting, the owner of ISD and the people’s Deputy Serhiy Taruta, said that the event was not privy to the meeting and invited representatives of the President.

Re the meeting was held in December in the hotel «Hayat». It was stated that before the end of 2015 it is planned to sign a joint Declaration.

Big business signed the Declaration: fair taxes and the rejection of non-transparent politicians 01.02.2016

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