Beneath Lviv unknown destroyed a monument to poles murdered in Huta penyatskoy

The unknown damaged a monument to poles who died at the hands of Nazi troops in 1944 in the village of Huta penyatskaya Lviv region. About it said first Deputy Chairman of Brody district state administration Vladimir Adamec.

According to him, in place of the departed investigative team, representatives of the security Service of Ukraine and regional authorities. Law enforcement officers assess the damage and set involved in the vandalism.

The publication notes that the information about the destruction of the monument first appeared in the Russian news Agency Regnum, as well as in Pro-Russian media. Live painted with the nationalist symbolism of the monument bathed in the newly created Youtube profile.

The head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Volodymyr viatrovych called the incident a «provocation aimed at escalation of Polish-Ukrainian relations, favorable to a third party».

«The monument, opened in 2009, was not only the memory of those who died in 1944, the inhabitants of the village, but also a symbol of the participation of third forces in fueling the conflict between our peoples. After all, Guta penyatskaya — Polish village destroyed by order of the German occupiers from the Ukraine stationed here a detachment of Soviet partisans. To participate in the punitive operation the Nazis have deliberately included part of the police that is created from the Ukrainians», — he wrote in Facebook.

Vyatrovich said that the destruction of the monument is not just like acts of vandalism in recent months happened in the Ukrainian cemeteries in Poland — they are similar and have the same goal: inciting the «war of monuments».

«The desecration of graves and monuments on both sides of the border must meet the same strong condemnation in both countries, from both government and civil society,» he said.

Recall that in 2014 were at least 14 cases of vandalism against Ukrainian monuments and graves in Poland, and none of these crimes have not been solved.

Beneath Lviv unknown destroyed a monument to poles murdered in Huta penyatskoy 10.01.2017

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