Belkovsky: Putin is an atheist or a follower of magic, but not a Christian

Russian President Vladimir Putin, equating the body of Soviet Union founder Vladimir Lenin with the relics of Christian saints, was married that is not a Christian. Such opinion in interview to «MBH Media» stated Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky.

«From the point of view of Christian apologetics, Putin’s words – a mere heresy. Yes, communism can be linked with religion, but with the Gentile,» – said the analyst.

He calls the Soviet Union «a religious state», and CPSU Central Committee – a body of religious authority, standing above the secular power.

«But there is no Christian mind can not put an equal sign or even the sign of approximate equality between Christianity and communism, because in Christianity there is the idea of one God, the Creator of the Universe and Savior of mankind, which in communism is not and cannot be. From the point of view of Orthodox Orthodox consciousness, can not the mummy of Lenin to be likened to relics of the saints,» – says Belkovsky.

For a KGB officer and Putin’s Christianity may well serve as political cover, he admits.

«We have received a very important confirmation that Putin is an atheist or a follower of magic, but not a Christian. And anyone who goes to vote for Putin, vote for the person who is not an Orthodox Christian,» – said Belkovsky.

He believes that «heretical» statements by the President will not affect the level of his electoral support.

«Russia is an atheistic country. Putin embodies this worldview, the worldview of loyal people, which replaced the Communist slogans on some semblance of Orthodoxy. So the big electoral losses Putin here will not suffer,» concluded the analyst.

In an interview for the film «Balaam», quotes of which were published by the TV channel Rossiya 1, Putin said, «the Communist ideology is very akin to Christianity in fact. Liberty, fraternity, equality, justice are laid down in the Scriptures, it’s all there. And the code of builders of communism? It’s sublimation, it’s a simple excerpt from the Bible, there is nothing new came up. Lenin was put in a mausoleum – how is this different from the relics of the saints for Orthodox Christians, but just Christians?»

The Communist party of the Russian Federation welcomed Putin’s statement, because «communism is close to Christianity just as Christianity is far from the form of capitalism that is taking place in Russia.»

Belkovsky: Putin is an atheist or a follower of magic, but not a Christian 16.01.2018

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