Believers ask Poroshenko to protect the family values of gays and abortion

The initiative group of the faithful of the Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic churches have prepared an appeal to the President, concerning the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine in part of human rights. About this at the roundtable, which took place on February 18, said the coordinator of the initiative group of believers Michael Kanapatski, reports UKRINFORM.

«One of the main points that we serve in treatment is the protection of traditional family values. We believe that marriage is a family Union between a man and a woman based on family consent. Why we raised this issue, because in those draft amendments that are being discussed now, there is a desire to exclude items that it (the marriage — ed.) — a Union between a man and a woman. Supposedly liberate the Constitution,» said Kanapatski.

In the appeal it is proposed to amend article 27 of the current Constitution, which defines the right to life. The authors of the appeal propose to add the wording: «Every person has the inalienable right to life from conception to natural death.»

Also in the case that the initiative group intends to transfer to the presidential Administration, Verkhovna Rada, Cabinet of Ministers, believers require to prevent the emergence of expressions such as «sexual orientation» and «gender identity».

The parties appeal to the fact that legislation in different countries in the European Union, there is a prohibition of same-sex marriage and abortion.

«European countries are not homogeneous in the definition of marriage, the family, in approaches to the practice of abortion. In some EU countries banned same-sex marriages,» said Executive Director of the public organization «Institute of religious freedom» Maksym Vasin.

In particular Vasin noted that the proposals set forth in the petition reflect the position that the previously announced all-Ukrainian Council of churches and religious organizations.

Together with the appeal of the initiative group will report to the office of the President more than 112 thousand signatures of Ukrainian citizens for the preservation of certain provisions in the Constitution of Ukraine.

Recall, November 12, 2015 Rada voted for the anti-discrimination amendment to the action Plan on visa liberalization with the European Union.

«We stand for family values. I hear some fakes that Ukraine can be any same-sex marriages. God forbid that to happen. And we never will support it», — said the speaker of the Rada Volodymyr Groysman.

Believers ask Poroshenko to protect the family values of gays and abortion 19.02.2016

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