Belarus has imposed a five-day «bezviz» for citizens of the EU and the United States

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree establishing a visa-free order of entrance and departure for citizens of 80 countries, including USA and EU countries, for a period not exceeding 5 days. This was reported on the website of the President of Belarus.

The decree extends to 39 countries of Europe, including the entire European Union, as well as Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Japan and other countries.

It is noted that the document is aimed at enhancing the travel of businessmen, tourists, private persons, and will not apply to foreigners who commit official travel.

«For entry without a visa, you must have a valid passport or another substituting document for exit abroad, cash, medical insurance in an amount not less than 10 thousand euros, which is valid in Belarus,» — said the press service of the President of Belarus.

It is reported that the established order of visa-free travel does not apply to persons who arrive to Belarus flights from Russia, and also intend to carry out a flight to the airports of Russia.

The foreign Ministry of Belarus has published in his Twitter the entire list of countries in respect of which imposed a five-day visa-free regime.

The decree will enter into force one month after its official publication.

Recall from 1 January 2017 Ukrainians can travel to Belarus only on foreign passports.

Belarus has imposed a five-day «bezviz» for citizens of the EU and the United States 10.01.2017

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