Because Stripping Zakharchenko objectionable «mayors» accelerated discontent «DNR» — Hur

The leader of the so-called «DND» Alexander Zakharchenko has continued to implement political and Stripping to bring to power his associates reported on 3 February 2016 on the official website of the Main Directorate of intelligence (Gur) of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

«According to the decree Zakharchenko from 27 January 2016 from duties suspended «mayors» of the cities of Yasinovataya Yuri Yanenko and Gorlovka Roman hramenkov, and in their place appointed Pavel Gubarev and Stanislav Kim , respectively. To confirm the «legitimacy» of the appointment of the new «mayors» in Yasinovataya the rally arrived Zakharchenko, who during his speech confirmed his decision and said that those who disagree with his choice citizens will be severely punished. Such actions of the occupants cause increasing discontent of the local population. The appointment of a new «town mayors» has caused a wave of outrage, there is a trend towards the escalation of these protests in the campaign of mass civil disobedience», — stated in the message.

In social networks write that the former «people’s Governor» of Donetsk were met by dozens of local residents with signs reading «Yasinovataya without Gubareva». They alternately chanted slogans, offering to get away, we asked the tough questions. It was insisted that the city was headed by the former head of the occupation administration Yanenko.

During the attempted Gubareva to enter the building administration people just did not let him, becoming the living wall at the entrance. As a result Gubarev had to leave the area before the Executive Committee.

Note that the tough questions users have put on the page Gubareva. In particular, was interested in what he did with the money collected for humanitarian aid, commented on his alcohol and drug abuse.

Because Stripping Zakharchenko objectionable «mayors» accelerated discontent «DNR» — Hur 03.02.2016

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