Because of U.S. sanctions in Russia recycles nuclear-powered icebreaker «Soviet Union»

The Russian atomic icebreaker «Soviet Union», which was planned to restore and use in the projects on development of the Arctic or use in the interests of the Russian armed forces will instead be disposed of. This was reported by General Director of Rosatom «Atomflot» Vyacheslav Ruksha in comments to the Agency «RIA Novosti».

According to the official, the official order about the disposal of «Soviet Union» has been signed. Atomic icebreaker «Arktika» was commissioned in 1989. It was designed so that if necessary, could quickly turn it into a battle cruiser.

In 2002, during Parking of the icebreaker in Murmansk its power plant with a capacity of 50 MW was used to supply onshore facilities with electricity, but it was deemed unprofitable.

Due to the decline in volumes in the Arctic, the icebreaker was taken out of operation and put up at the pier. In 2014 Rosatom has decided to restore the icebreaker by 2018 Arctic projects in Russia. After a long life of the reactor plant «Soviet Union» had to serve 20 years and be used in projects for oil production on the continental shelf in the Arctic. However, because of the sanctions of the West against the project of Rosneft and ExxonMobil, the need for icebreaker disappeared.

Russian defense Ministry «the Soviet Union» is also not needed. As explained Ruksha, the ship was excess capacity and no economic feasibility.

In 2014 because of the sanctions, ExxonMobil suspended nine out of 10 projects with Rosneft.

At the end of April 2017, the US Treasury Department refused to make ExxonMobil an exception and allow her to work with Russia.

The defense Ministry announced plans to enter into operation before the end of 2017 more than 100 capital construction projects in the Arctic. In 2016, the Russian newspaper «Izvestia» wrote about the possible construction and reconstruction of 10 Arctic airfields.

25 July 2017, the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress supported the bill on new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. On 27 July, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that because of the shortage of resources in the budget it is necessary to determine priority projects on the Arctic development, and the implementation of less important will have to reschedule «at a later date».

Because of U.S. sanctions in Russia recycles nuclear-powered icebreaker «Soviet Union» 31.08.2017

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