Because of a change in the judicial case of the ex-mayor of Slavyansk Shtepa will listen again

Due to the change in the composition of the panel Chervonozavodsky district court of Kharkiv decided to begin the trial of ex-mayor of Slavyansk, Donetsk region Neli Shtepa again. As UNIAN news Agency reports, the decision was taken yesterday, February 4, during a regular meeting of the Chervonozavodsky regional court of Kharkov on the request of the defendant, Shtepa.

«Trial to start with, the stage of preliminary hearing,» he read the court’s decision after hearing all sides of the process, the new presiding on the bench, judge Victor Yezhov.

He noted that one of the judges of the Collegium of the Chervonozavodsky district court — Irina Proshot — expressed dissenting opinion on that ruling. In particular, she expressed the belief that the hearings should start from the stage directly to the court hearings and not with the preparatory meeting.

Moreover, the representatives of the Prosecutor’s office opposed the appointment of a hearing anew. According to representatives of state charge, the new members of the Board of judges of Chervonozavodsky district court could familiarize with the materials of the judicial investigation with audio recordings conducted during meetings.

The court also granted the petition of the parties on the appointment of the emergency court in the case.

As you know, presiding on the bench Chervonozavodsky district court of Kharkiv, who heard the case Shtepa, Denis Chudovsky was sacked by the President, through the illegal decision against Euromaidan activists. One of the judges of the Collegium — Marina Menderova — is on long-term care, instead appointed judge Svetlana Salicy. The third judge of the panel of judges Irina Prosute on 4 February the Supreme Council of Justice recommended dismissal.

As reported, a new panel of judges on 4 February extended the former mayor of Slavyansk, Donetsk region Neli Shtepa measure of restraint in the form of detention until 3 April.

We will remind, in April 2014 Nelya Shtepa said support boevikami thanked Putin for the annexation of Crimea: «I look at the supporters of federalization and see that they are strong in spirit. They will win and «Right sector» and military — they will win here, because they are confident that they do,» said the former mayor of Slavyansk.

She also expressed outrage that the decision was made on the signing of the Association agreement with the EU without consulting the regions.

Shtepa was detained in July 2014 in the framework of the initiated against her SBU criminal case. On October 8 she was declared final suspicion of committing criminal offenses under part 3 of article 110 (encroachment on territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, which caused death of people) and part 1 of article 258-3 (creation of terrorist group or organization) of the criminal code of Ukraine.

The former Chairwoman of the city is accused of appeals to change of borders of Ukraine, the promotion of pseudo-referendum on secession of Donetsk region from Ukraine, create conditions for the activities of terrorist groups and organizations. If the court finds Shtepa guilty on these charges, she faces a maximum sanction under these articles of the criminal code is life imprisonment.

On March 4, during a court session on the case Shtepa announced the indictment.

Because of a change in the judicial case of the ex-mayor of Slavyansk Shtepa will listen again 05.02.2016

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