Beaten by «Golden Eagle» journalists argue that the investigation mimics the investigation

Media workers, suffered at the hands of security forces during the Maidan claim that the police only pretend to investigate the case about the beating of journalists three years ago, and in informal conversations they say that results can be expected. About it reports a press-service of the NUJU, citing the testimony of participants in those events.

In particular, evidence is presented that the operator of channel 5 Ivan Nakonechny, which «berkutovets» on the European square was pushed and broke the light on the camera.

«I charge the camera caught a rubber bullet and got stuck. The technique is not suited for the job. I called the channel, gave a damaged camera, I brought a friend and we continued to shoot», he said.

According to Nakonechny, he went with the lawyers of the channel in militia, wrote the application, was several times summoned to the Prosecutor’s office, but beyond that it does not matter.

«I saw all in vain, his statement took, because physically the victims was not, then it continued to engage lawyers. But the camera is still on the examination,» he said, adding he did not believe that someone will be punished.

«All security officers were in masks, who fired, I have not seen. And do not admit,» said Nakonechny.

Also provides evidence of Kharkiv journalist publication «Ukrainian space» of the Novel Kerenskogo.

«In January 2014 in the center of Kharkov I rented a bus with tinted Windows in which were the soldiers of «Berkut». One of the security officers pounced on me and tried to stun with a Taser, but for some reason did not work, then I was dragged into a bus, beaten on the ribs, broke the camera and destroyed all the records and thrown out of the bus. I’ve contacted law enforcement, but it was an imitation of activity,» he said.

According to him, several times it wanted to close. He went to the Prosecutor’s office to continue the investigation.

«In an informal conversation I was told that no business prospects. This was all over, the Criminal proceedings are closed. And then began military operations in the East, of course, it was not before. Because in Kharkiv has happened that is unclear,» said Cheremsky.

Notes that only among his colleagues from Kharkiv 6 people were damaged instrument.

According to summary data, which publishes NUJU, in January 2014 103 domestic and foreign journalists were beaten in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. In addition to the capital, most of the attacks are in the Dnieper, Cherkassy, Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Also was arrested 5 journalists in Kiev and 1 in Odessa. 12 threats to media workers recorded in the course of this month.

Dominate among all these cases of aggression by the security forces.

As you know, Russia gave citizenship to the former commander of specrate special forces «Berkut» Dmitry Gardener , and 9 former fighters of a specialcompany, accused in the shooting of 48 activists of the Euromaidan at Institutskaya street in Kiev in February 2014.

In the Svyatoshinsky court considered the case against former employees of «Berkut» Paul Abroskin and Sergey Zinchenko, Oleksandr marinchenko, Sergei Temtory and Oleg Janiszewski. The court extended the arrest Abroskin, Zinchenko, marinchenko, Temtory and Janiszewski until March 17.

Beaten by «Golden Eagle» journalists argue that the investigation mimics the investigation 20.01.2017

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