Bastrykin writes under the pseudonym poems about the war in the Donbas and Bulk

The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin writes poetry, posing as a Polish poet Stanislaw Stronismo. This writes Meduza.

«Staronevsky is not just a pseudonym, is a literary hoax. From help you can learn the details of his «hard, full of UPS and downs of life»: «From an early age my parents, being of Polish nobles of the ancient noble families, however, managed to instill in him respect for hard rural labor, and small Stas in his 12 years helped my grandmother in the village, with its garden of 20 m2 and collecting hallucinogenic mushrooms in the nearby Polish forest», – the newspaper writes with reference to the website

In the account of Stanislav Stronismo published more than 50 poems. Many of them are addressed to well-known artists: actress Irina Kupchenko, Director Oleg Tabakov, conductor Valery Gergiev, singer Mireille Mathieu.

«Stronismo inspire exactly the celebrity that Alexander Bastrykin. The Polish poet 21 is a dedication to various famous people, and almost all these people Bastrykin anyway mentions on his official page «Vkontakte». He congratulates them on their anniversaries, tells of his meetings with them or Express condolences in connection with death,» draws Parallels Meduza.

Another layer of creativity Bastrykin-Stronismo – poems on socio-political issues.

«In this area the main source of inspiration for a poet – politician Alexei Navalny, against whom the Investigative Committee led several criminal cases. Bulk dedicated as many as 10 poems, but some of them, the author removed from the site between 21 and 22 August. Likely, these verses should be attributed to the genre of satire,» – said in the investigation.

The publication notes the specific approach of the author in rhyme: Moscow – depression, telephone – iPhone, immortality, mercy.

«Polish» poet interested in the progress of the war in the Donbass.

«For this, suddenly, Shevchenko will tell you:
Thank you, boys, from the Ukraine mom?!
Stop! Ponder upon the words:
Almighty all will celebrate!» reads work «As ashamed of the Borderland man».

Visit Bastrykin Wikipedia mentions a book of his poems, «I wish I’d been born in the twentieth year…», which supposedly was published in Moscow in 2016. They also indicated and ISBN of the book, but the Book chamber letter Meduza responded that they have such a book is not registered.

Bastrykin writes under the pseudonym poems about the war in the Donbas and Bulk 29.08.2017

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