Based on the novel by Shklyar «Black crow» will remove the four film

Novel by Ukrainian writer Vasily Shklyar «Black crow» will be turned into a TV movie of the 4 series. Adaptation of the novel will make the TV channel «1+1».

This was reported by General Director of «1+1 media» Alexander Tkachenko, reports TSN.

«We recently signed an agreement with the famous Ukrainian author Vasyl Shklyar about the film adaptation of his famous works «Black Raven». We can talk about it. Not only will it be a movie. It will be a 4-episode story,» — said Tkachenko.

«We’re talking about creating new images for Ukraine needs a new time and this war. We also create many products and can be proud that thousands of hours of products we create. Among them are those which we come consciously, understanding that it is non-commercial projects, new times require new heroes. We recently completed a 4-episode project «Century of Yakov». It is quite contradictory, because as well as about the «Last week», there will be a lot of debate… But we think that such steps should be aimed at creating new images», — he noted.

Earlier it was reported that in addition to the four-part series, «Black Raven» writer expects to withdraw the full tape.


Roman «Salasanasi. Chorny Voron» recreates one of the most silenced and the most dramatic pages of Ukrainian history – the struggle of Ukrainian insurgents against the occupying comuno-Moscow authorities in the 1920-ies.

The protagonist of the novel – kholodnohirsko chieftain named Black crow – fighting against the Bolsheviks, who occupied the Ukraine and install it in your system. The writer worked on the book for 13 years.

Note that in 2010 Ukraine was declared a fundraiser for the national shooting blockbuster «Black crow» based on the novel by Shklyar.

In February 2011, the Committee on National prize of Ukraine. Shevchenko for his novel «Salasanasi. Black crow» identified Vasily Shklyar, the winner of the Shevchenkovsky award 2011 in the field of literature.

March 4, 2011 Vasily Shklyar appealed to the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych with a statement in which he asked «to consider in the Decree on the occasion of awarding the laureates of the Shevchenko prize my request to postpone awarding me the Shevchenko prize at a time when the authorities in Ukraine will not ukrainophobe Dmitry Tabachnik«.

Soon after promulgated in the decree of Yanukovych №275/2011 dated 4 March 2011 «On awarding the National prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko» of Vasyl Shkliar was not mentioned.

April 17, 2011 in Cool Yar Vasily Shklyar for the first time in the history of Ukraine was awarded the national Shevchenko prize. The ceremony took place at the monument on the site of the last battle of ataman Vasily Cucuracha. Funds for it were collected by philanthropists and ordinary citizens of Ukraine.

Based on the novel by Shklyar «Black crow» will remove the four film 09.02.2016

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