Barna requires to evaluate the actions of Tymoshenko in 2009 in the gas sector for the presence of treason

The leadership of the Cabinet of Ministers and the security Service of Ukraine should assess the consequences of the gas contract of 2009 for the economy of Ukraine because of another claims «Gazprom» (Russian Federation) to NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» to pay 5.3 billion dollars for a shortage of Russian gas in 2016, said on 19 January 2017 the people’s Deputy of the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko» Oleg Barna.

«I urge the former Prime Minister and now leader of the faction «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Tymoshenko publicly take responsibility for the disastrous consequences of the gas contract, which it signed in January 2009 in Moscow. As an MP, I appeal to the security Service of Ukraine with the requirement to assess the actions of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko in the gas sector for the presence in them of signs of high treason. I also ask the Ministry of economy of Ukraine and the government to determine the amount of damage inflicted to the state contract Tymoshenko-Putin», — quotes its «Interfax-Ukraine».

The MP expressed the belief that «in 2009, the Prime Minister-the Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko in collusion with the then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin laid a time bomb under the Ukrainian economy.» In this vein, he recalled released on Tuesday by the Russian media that «Gazprom» in the Stockholm arbitration court will require to recover from the NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» of 5.3 billion dollars for a shortage of Russian gas in 2016, because the rule of «take or pay» directly stipulated in the contract Tymoshenko-Putin.»

Barna added that the contract, which cannot be broken, designed for 10 years for the reason that «that’s how much Putin’s calculations necessary to completely destroy the economy of Ukraine: the most expensive gas in Europe became an unbearable burden for the budget of Ukraine, led to the underfunding of the army, put in a non-competitive position of Ukrainian industry and Ukrainian goods».

He also noted that Ukraine is experiencing strong economic pressure and because of the refusal to buy Russian gas, as in the case of consolidation of actions «Gazprom» the total amount of claims to Ukraine will grow to 37 billion dollars. «This is half the cost of the company «Gazprom», — said the overall scale of the claims the MP.

The «contract of the Tymoshenko-Putin aims to put our state in the new energy, debt and political dependence on Russia. It certainly is a threat to national security of Ukraine and its independence,» concluded Barna.

Note that this is not the first sharp attack Barney Sr., said.

In particular, in the fall of 2016, he soundly criticized the presidential ambitions of the leader of «Batkivshchyna».

«Do you want to be President? Your Okrug — Magadan. There you’ll be President,» wrote Barna Tymoshenko.

However, he he called the «Batkivshchyna» faction «deceitful, cynical and treacherous».

Barna said that «Batkivshchyna» worse than «the opposition bloc» and Yanukovych.

«For those at least were open supporters of Putin. And you insidious. So say no more about the Maidan. You buy and set people,» said Barna.

In addition, he urged the Ukrainian citizens to «throw» is «false cynical Caudle,» and the people’s representatives,»batkivshchinovets» — to lay down the mandates and «go collect snow.»

At the same time widely known Barney brought his battle with Arseniy Yatsenyuk, during which he literally carried on the hands of ex-Prime Minister from the parliamentary rostrum.

Younger brother of people’s Deputy Stepan Barna is the head of the Ternopil regional state administration.

Barna requires to evaluate the actions of Tymoshenko in 2009 in the gas sector for the presence of treason 19.01.2017

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