Bankers predicted the hryvnia in 2017

For 2017 the Ukrainian hryvnia exchange rate will remain volatile. This forecast of bankers leads Finclub.

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«2017 is going to be more successful for our country, which should have a positive impact on the national currency» — he expects the Treasurer «Altanka» Natalia Zhilenko.

Her opinion is shared by colleagues, but, despite positive expectations, nobody expects a revaluation of the hryvnia. Optimism is expressed only in the scale of the forecast of devaluation – the smaller it is, the more optimistic is the forecast, writes the edition.

«In 2017 on the currency market should begin quite calmly, at the current position: interbank rate – in the range of 26-26,5 hryvnia per dollar, cash – 27-27,5 hryvnia per dollar,» – said the Director of Treasury’s «Bank Credit Dnepr» Oleg Kurinnoy.

It is noted that during the year we again expect significant volatility.

«The market in certain periods can be distortions related to seasonal features import/export, so the exchange rate band for the next year is pretty wide – from 26.5 to 28 hryvnia per dollar,» says Zhilenko.

The Director of the Treasury «Diamant» Alexey Tsyganenko puts a slightly broader corridor: «In 2017 the dollar will be worth 26-29 given. The course will influence both internal and external political situation.»

Chief economist of Alfa-Bank Alexey Blinov lifts the top «bar» even higher.

«The expected range of fluctuations of the hryvnia-dollar on the interbank market in 2017 will amount to 26 to 30 hryvnia per dollar. Our base-case forecast of annual average rate of the interbank market to 27.6 hryvnia per dollar,» he predicts.

Note, at the end of December the national Bank explained the fluctuations of the hryvnia. Then quotes hryvnia to the dollar on the interbank market established at the level of 27.15/27,35 UAH/USD.

Bankers predicted the hryvnia in 2017 04.01.2017

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