Ban Ki-moon was allowed to run for President of South Korea

The research group of the Parliament of South Korea came to the conclusion that the former UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon may hold public office in Korea, including to run for President. It is reported by Yonhap.

A special group of Parliament reviewed the UN resolution, referring to criticism that ban Ki-moon said that he can not claim for the presidency. However, the MPs saw that the text uses words such as, for example, «desirable», which does not block the road the former head of the UN in policy.

The UN document, in particular, notes that the former Secretary General of the organization, who acted as a confidant of many States, it is not desirable to hold public office.

The Parliament of South Korea added that ban Ki-moon, if he wants to run for President, will have to prove that his previous experience will not adversely affect the interests of his country. The Parliament also noted that typically, the former head of the UN «shall refrain» from work in governmental agencies.

Recall that in the near future in the Republic of Korea can pass early presidential elections. The country’s constitutional court has already commenced the hearing on the establishment of the rule of procedure announced on December 9, the impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye.

Ban Ki-moon was allowed to run for President of South Korea 30.01.2017

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