Bali Agung erupted

On the Indonesian island of Bali, there was a small eruption of the volcano Agung. It happened about a month after his last activity, according to the newspaper Straits Times.

The eruption of volcanic ash rose to a height of from 500 m to 2.5 km.

The Bali international airport, located 70 km from the volcano, is operating normally.

The publication writes that in 1963 the eruption of mount Agung killed over 1.5 thousand people, 100 thousand have fled their homes.

September 23 edition of Antara reported that the Center for Volcanology and geological disasters of Indonesia assesses the danger level of the volcano on Bali as the most high. At the end of September the number of evacuees from the Indonesian island exceeded 120 thousand.

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine has recommended that Ukrainian citizens not to approach the volcano.

25 Nov the Agung volcano threw a column of ash height of more than 6 thousand meters. This is not the first eruption of the volcano in recent months.

Bali Agung erupted 23.12.2017

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