Balcon complained of sabotage of the reform of Ukrzaliznytsia

The head of Ukrzaliznytsia Wojciech Balczun said about sabotage and blocking of the reform of the company at the highest Ministerial level.

About this he wrote on his page on Facebook on Friday 20th January.

«Public debate in the style of «the fool» for me is absolutely unacceptable. I came to Ukraine to work for the reform of one of the largest Railways in the world, and not for discussion in a derogatory manner. With the sabotage and blocking, procrastination I had to face at the highest Ministerial level,» he wrote.

«Today things are called by their names,» — said the head of the OUSE.

Earlier today, the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian said that the nominating Committee voted against the election of the head of a public company ukraisnkih Railways «Ukrzaliznytsia» Adalbert Balcona: «unfortunately, I was not wrong and within the first month made sure we got a capricious showman, not a shark with CG cargo».

According to the Omelyan, constant disputes with Balkonom led to the fact that he appealed to the leadership of the state with a request to hold a meeting of all stakeholders to hear the real situation on the Ukrzaliznytsya.

Balcon complained of sabotage of the reform of Ukrzaliznytsia 21.01.2017

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