«Azov» showed how 20 minutes to remove fake about the threat of Russian fighters to go to pick strawberries in Poland

Regiment «Azov» has drafted a response to the fake video with threats against the Netherlands circulated before in a Dutch media allegedly on behalf of «Azov». The official youtube channel of the regiment on the night of Thursday published a video titled «How to make fake 20 minutes».

As reported before, the brand of «Azov» twice became the tool of information attack on Ukraine in the Netherlands. The first attack occurred in the second half of January when unknown with the symbols of the regiment had threatened terrorist attacks to the inhabitants of the Netherlands. February 3 in the Dutch media there is a second video in which the actors «confirmed».

«Azov» confirmed that the new video is also fake and «asked the representatives of the Ukrainian and foreign media not to respond to cheap information provocation».

In the video, the representatives of the regiment demonstrated the process of shooting similar faked video supposedly on behalf of «the residents of Novorossiya, the battalion Sparta and Somalia.»

«We, the indigenous people of new Russia, are forced to appeal to the public to know the truth. We stopped paying the wages and we can’t feed the family that remained in Ryazan, Volgograd and Taganrog. We forbid margariti, arguing that nothing…

And if a month or two the situation will not change, then in early summer we will go to Poland to collect the strawberries», — «threatening» actors fake video, finishing the video, exclaiming «Kadyrov is a Russian patriot!».

6 April 2016 in the Netherlands will take place the Advisory referendum on the Association Agreement EU — Ukraine. The vote is taken on the question: «are You «for» or «against» the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU?» The referendum was initiated by a group GeenPeil.

The results of the referendum were consultative in nature and not binding on the government. In addition, the turnout should be at least 30% to have the referendum considered valid.

Currently the Association Agreement already ratified by both houses of the Parliament of the Netherlands. However, according to the law, which came into force in the country on 1 July, virtually any parliamentarians voted for the document can be submitted to a referendum, if it is collected 300 thousand signatures.

Noteworthy is that Ukrainian volunteers took residents Niderlandov the video, which showed the main points of Russian propaganda and urged residents to support the Association of Ukraine and EU in a referendum on 6 April.

While the Dutch deputies from party D-66 has made a request to the foreign Ministry of the Netherlands to clarify whether there is any indication of Russia’s influence on the forthcoming referendum.

«Azov» showed how 20 minutes to remove fake about the threat of Russian fighters to go to pick strawberries in Poland 04.02.2016

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