Avdiyivka due to shelling of militants for the second day without light

In avdeevke of Donetsk region for the second day there is no electricity because the repairmen from-for attacks of fighters are unable to repair the damaged power lines.

On Monday January 30, said the head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Pavel Zhebrivsky on the page in social network Facebook.

«The second day Avdeevka remained without electricity. Occupiers continue shelling the industrial area and outskirts of the city. This morning fired on the city from tanks and guns. Now to send repairmen to restore power lines we can’t because of the intensity of the shelling,» said zhebrivskyi.

He added that the coke plant and the filter plant is served electrician, so the city has heat and water. Also installed an additional pump for water flow and heat upper floors of the 14-storey building and a generator for the hospital.

Recall that in the KP «Water of Donbass» warned that because of the shelling may stop water supply number of settlements, which caters to the Donetsk filtering station.

29 January in the area of Avdeyevka industrial zone in the morning, the militants carried assault to capture the position of APU. Four Ukrainian soldiers were killed and five wounded. Also as a result of shelling wounded two civilians. Avdeevka lost power.

On 30 January, the fighting in the vicinity of the Town continues. The press officer of the brigade, located at the positions of Elena Mokrenchuk noted that the militants used heavy prohibited weapons, including shells of 120 mm and 152 mm Mokrenchuk added that the shelling across the line of demarcation from the airport to the Donetsk Yasynuvata interchange.

As reported on January 30, the last day in the ATO area in the Donbas five soldiers of the Armed forces of Ukraine were killed and fourteen were injured and the injury, what the vast majority of incurred losses in the fighting in Avdeevka.

Avdiyivka due to shelling of militants for the second day without light 30.01.2017

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