Avakov: weapons in Ukraine have more than 1 million people.

In Ukraine more than 1 million civilians in possession of weapons, including 879 thousand people are shot. On the evening of 29 January, on his page in Facebook said interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

Avakov admitted who were handing out premium weapons. Names are not called

«By the end of 2016, according to the database, on the account of bodies of national police 878 739 persons — the owners of firearms. For 2016, the growth was 10 158 people. All these people have in the ownership and personal use,» — said Avakov.

Of this number 763 725 units — hunting weapons (growth for the year 2016 — 9 415 units), the 144 unit 770 hunting rifle (growth in 2016 — 6 526 units), 5 014 units combined hunting weapons (in 2016 — a growth of 118 units).

In addition, according to the interior Minister, 189 643 people own 194 845 units «special rezinostrela, Pneumatics and other non-lethal weapons non-lethal actions.»

Avakov expressed the view that access to automatic rifles, firearms should only be government agencies.

«Access of individuals to such weapons should be banned. … Fire fighting guns — then I think it is possible to implement the right to own and carry a short-barreled battle rifles to civilians with a number of severe limitations. It is necessary to impose restrictions that distinguish the category of civilians who may be permitted to hold combat pistols. Rigid social and medical control,» — said the Minister.

Among the categories Avakov called serving and serving in the military and paramilitary units of the state a certain period and no penalties and observations, passed the appropriate course of treatment with such weapons and independent from the influence of the psychological test with a hard threshold.

«Such criteria can be several. … The right to handguns should not be indiscriminate and should not implement the right to the use of such weapons in situations at the discretion of the owner. All of this should be clearly stated in the relevant law», — he added.

Avakov admitted who were handing out premium weapons. Names are not called

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that during the 2014-2016 period presented 1322 unit award weapons, of which 112 – MPs.

The Minister noted that from 2004 to December 31, 2016, the Ministers of internal Affairs of Ukraine handed in General 2230 units of premium weapons, including in 2004, 158 units in 2005 to 113 in 2006 to 50 in 2007 — 9, 2008 — 61, 2009 to 227 in 2010 to 77 in 2011 to 75 in 2012, 53 in 2013 — 85.

«My awards: 2014 — 572 units., 2015 — 358, 2016 — 392 …. More than all the Ministers put together. I believe that he acted in the current situation adequately and was proud of everyone who was handed over the weapons,» he said.

The head of the interior Ministry cited data, to whom it was handed weapons.

«658 — privates and officers, soldiers dobrobatov and special forces, 208 — privates and officers of the national guard and other units of the Ministry of interior, 134 volunteers and public figures, 112 — deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the last two convocations (2014 — 46, 2015 — 34, 2016 — 32), 54 — employees of UGO, 35 — employees of local authorities, including Donetsk and Lugansk region, 22 — prosecutors and the Military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine, 21 — privates and officers of the State border service, 19 employees of the Cabinet of Ministers 13 — soldiers and officers of the defense Ministry of Ukraine, 13 — staff of the presidential administration, 12 — SBU, 6 — the staff of the national security Council, 6 — athletes, artists and representatives of creative professions, 5 workers of the national Bank of Ukraine, 4 — officers of the SES,» — said Avakov.

«This is reliable information, not fiction provocateurs-villains like Caplin, and not error-interpretation of journalists who do not have full information,» he added.

Also Avakov said that the interior Ministry had decided «not to publish a full list of the winners, because to a large extent this applies to soldiers, officers, and staff involved in special military and police operations, and the publication of the data could harm or their professional life or their personal safety.»

«In some cases, with the consent of the awarded we do it publicly, in a number — close information. In all situations, except in situations of rewarding intelligence officers and operating under the cover — we provide the awardees the opportunity to decide whether the information on awarding the public», — added Avakov.

He reminded that the reward Fund arms «formed by residues in the warehouses of the interior Ministry, the planned procurement state-owned enterprise of the MIA «Fort» (slightly) and proceeds in the order of action of the law «On charity» — when the number of suppliers transfer to premium Fund weapons of different brands» .

«Premium weapons not the property of a citizen who has received it, cannot be sold, transferred to a third party, not inherited. After the death of award returned to the state», — added Avakov.

Earlier Arsen Avakov said that the premium weapons from the interior Ministry received about 90 deputies, but only in the lists of recipients — more than 1,200 people. But to his 50-year anniversary of President Petro Poroshenko received from Avakov gun Сabot Gun «Jones 1911».

In turn, the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak,as previously reported, was awarded the weapon Arseniy Yatsenyuk, several Ministers, the NSDC Secretary and several deputies.

Avakov: weapons in Ukraine have more than 1 million people. 30.01.2017

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