Avakov: the end of the year the police will appear in all major cities of Ukraine, as police will be recertified

In all major cities of Ukraine patrol police will be launched before the end of the year.

As the correspondent of UNIAN, this was stated by the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov during the meeting in Kiev the joint Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Ministry of justice «From new police to new of justice and safety of citizens».

«Today the patrol police is working in 12 cities across the country. In all the major cities of the country it will run until the end of the year,» the Minister said.

«This is a very sensitive, important streaming is a reform that we thanks to the support of our partners will do. This year was the first step,» said Avakov.

Avakov hopes that the end of the year each officer will be recertified.

«We have a very important process to complete re-certification of personnel composition of police units. This process in the last stage is only in Kiev and Kiev region», — said the Minister.

According to Avakov, now the re-attestation process are police in Khmelnitsky.

«By the end of the year, and maybe before, we plan that every police officer was re-certified», he said and added that «there are inevitable losses.»

«Those who do not conform to the ideology of the new police, not to serve in Acpolicy», — said the Minister.

Earlier, the head of the National police khatia Dekanoidze stated that by June 2016 police patrol work in 29 cities.

7 November 2015 in Ukraine came into force the Law «On the National police». At the same time the Law «About militia» has been repealed.

The police have a new structure have the right to use certificates, seals, logos and emblems of the police and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine until the end of 2016. Also during this period, the police allowed the wearing and use of uniforms uniforms specific to the police.

All temporarily assigned employees of the National police will be recertified to a permanent position, applicants for Executive positions and investigators will undergo the polygraph test and will be interviewed.

Avakov: the end of the year the police will appear in all major cities of Ukraine, as police will be recertified 10.02.2016

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