Avakov met in Lyon with Kolomoisky

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in mid-November held a meeting in Lyon with businessman Igor Kolomoisky, reported «Ukrainian truth» with reference to the two interlocutors from the environment to the interior Minister and businessman.

One of the interviewees said that the meeting was held during the official visit Avakov to France, where he met with the leadership of Interpol.

The Minister in an interview said that he had met with the Director of Interpol and his two deputies, and Kolomoisky were just talking «three times during the trip.»

And Kolomoisky said that talks with Avakov on the phone, but they «have not met for a long time».

In July 2015 Avakov and Kolomoisky called his «accomplice» as they appear in a criminal case in Russia.

In November 2015, Kolomoisky said he admits that he has a good relationship with Avakov.

«We’re accomplices. It’s more than friendship,» – said the businessman.

Avakov met in Lyon with Kolomoisky 06.12.2017

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