Avakov explained the purpose of their deputies 24-year-old Deev: it went through Cabinet

The appointment to the post of Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anastasia Deev passed through the Cabinet of Ministers, given the number of interviews and conducted special inspections. This was stated by interior Minister Arsen Avakov on his page in Facebook.

«Those who speak of irregularities in the appointment process is not understood. The appointment went through Cabinet, a number of interviews and conducted special checks», — he wrote.

According to him, in one of the sectors of the MVD — 54 international project, very important project, defining often the key components of the reforms.»

«Working with specially assembled team of mainly young people with a high degree of mobility and sociability, knowledge of foreign languages, basics of project management in the Western sense of the word,» said the Minister.

Avakov said that the coordination of this group for a long time he was engaged in with Eka Zguladze (former Deputy Minister of internal Affairs).

«But the volumes are growing, and the guys gained experience. The progressive delegation of authority to employees, which is considered the Foundation of any effective management — identified control decision. To isolate the function in this direction a separate Deputy Minister,» he wrote.

«After consultations within, including those with key foreign partners from our project office, we determined leader — Anastasia Deyev, a girl who in our opinion will be able to optimally accompany the ongoing projects, coordinate project office under the strategic guidance of the Minister, to communicate with foreign partners. It is the function of the Deputy Minister Deev. And there’s no place in the hierarchy, then the decision to clean competitive advantages with a very specific amount of work», — said Avakov.

He said that education Deev – «a bachelor’s degree with honors from the Kiev national Taras Shevchenko University, master’s degree with remarkable results. Fluent English, French.»

«High performance and sociability. To not explain anything at the entrance is not necessary, nor log-in — Pro knows everything and know everyone. For the functions for which we have planned to have this Deputy — for me everything is OK,» — said Avakov.

Commenting on the intimate photos appeared on the Internet, Minister of internal Affairs wrote: «the photo Albums posted on the Internet and, with the same effect popitalsya base feelings of our econopolitics… Student not entitled to private photos? Hypocrisy. Or are you incorporeal, or asexual, moralizing on bright clothes and Nude? Nobody cares of course, that part of the photo obscene vulgar fake.. the Hypocrites, of a livid-righteousness, shouting «Ho!!» You are our liberal».

«A young man vigorously operating — costs to maintain, protect them from bullying and corroding vices of the system. To motivate him and to achieve results. This is my function in which I hope you will support me. And the function of the Deputy Minister of Anastasia Deev described above and let’s discuss its effectiveness, giving it time to work. I’m sure she will!», — Avakov summed up.

As reported, the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko said that the appointment Deev happened with violation of the procedure.

«The appointment procedure was held out of the contest. In the questionnaire obviously false data», — Gerashchenko noted and added: «And it certainly contributes neither to European integration nor the teamwork of the government.»

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 806-R dated October 26, 24 year old Deeva was appointed Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine on European integration issues.

Avakov explained the purpose of their deputies 24-year-old Deev: it went through Cabinet 14.11.2016

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