Avakov called on the police to show restraint during the mass protests

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov requires the national police and the national guard to ensure the peaceful nature of the meeting scheduled for this week of mass protests associated with the new utilities tariffs, and the mass bankruptcy of Ukrainian banks.

«We are working hard to you were armed, experienced, ready to confront the enemy and defend peace and the lives of our citizens.

But today I urge you to show another very important feature of the militiaman — restraint, patience and the ability to ensure the safety of mass actions», — said Avakov on his Facebook.

Any peaceful protest, the Minister said, are legitimate and provided for in the Constitution (article 39). «Law enforcement agencies of Ukraine provides the right of citizens to hold peaceful mass actions», — he said.

At the same time he orders «every employee» to take tough measures to «prevent attempts to carry or use any weapon to provoke a violent confrontation, to create a dangerous situation for civilians who are not parties to the action.» «Act quickly, decisively and professionally,» gives the installation the head of the Ukrainian interior Ministry.

As reported, about five thousand militiamen will provide the law and order during protest actions in Kiev on November 15.

Will also be used by handlers to which the task is to check parked vehicles for explosives.

In particular, there have been 10 applications from various organizations to hold actions, which will involve five to 50 thousand people.

Events will be held in the National Bank, the presidential Administration and the Verkhovna Rada.

Recall that in the Pro-presidential «Block Poroshenko» (BPP) this and other similar actions have already called replacename (including Pro-Russian «Opposition bloc»).

In view of «terrorist threats», the police plans tomorrow to block the Khreshchatyk street.

As reported earlier, the security Service of Ukraine, the first stage of the implementation of developed of Russia’s plan to «destabilize» the situation in Ukraine with the purpose of early parliamentary elections is scheduled for November 15 the all-Ukrainian protest action of Bank depositors and 17 November, the campaign is supposed to transform into a protest against the hike in utility tariffs, which, according to the plans of the Russian Federation, should be transformed into a block government structures.

«The purpose of the plan of internal destabilization, the organization of early elections in Ukraine, strengthen the position of Pro-Russian forces in the new Parliament,» the security Service of Ukraine.

At the same time in opposition «Batkivshchyna» denied the charges.

Avakov called on the police to show restraint during the mass protests 15.11.2016

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