Avakov and his Department to assure the integrity of the procurement procedure backpacks

In the Ministry of internal Affairs stated that the procedure for procurement of tactical backpacks was fair and transparent. According to the press service of the interior Ministry.

The media have found a relationship between firm-supplier of backpacks to the Ministry of internal Affairs with each other son avakova
Avakov responded to the accusations of journalists

As noted, in February 2015 the Ministry of interior has purchased 6,000 backpacks for the needs of the departments involved in the antiterrorist operation.

The interior Ministry reported that in the procurement procedure initially involved eight participants. A week later, the participation in the negotiation process took five of the participants who provided samples of the goods.

«The results of the negotiations the lowest price offered by a businessman from the city of Voznesensk of the Nikolaev area (thousand backpacks for the price of 2 UAH 100. apiece) and LLC from Dnepropetrovsk (2 899 USD. apiece)», — stated in the message.

The Department also emphasized that all information about the procurement procedure was made public on the web portal of public procurement.

As stated in the Ministry, «spread information about non-transparent activities of the Ministry of interior in the field of public procurement is a distortion of reality and aimed at discrediting the Ministry of internal Affairs to create a negative public resonance».

Earlier in the network appeared the video, which probably the son of interior Minister Alexander Avakov, agreed c ex-Deputy interior Minister Sergei Cebotari on the delivery of backpacks to the units of the Ministry.

The media have found a relationship between firm-supplier of backpacks to the Ministry of internal Affairs with each other son avakova

Supplier of tactical backpacks for the Ministry of internal Affairs is connected with Kharkiv , Volodymyr Lytvyn, who is the friend of the son of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

A blog about it «the Ukrainian truth» wrote journalist Dmitry Hnap.

How did you find the journalist, despite the fact that one of the firms that won the tender, the company «Dniprofan» – the fake, the phone «lit up» for the real owner.

The phone is already disabled, but previously it belonged to Litvin. Now he heads an IT company «Turboseo» and directs the firm on tailoring.

In the social network Facebook Litvin is another son of Alexander Avakov. On his page he is promoting the party «popular front» Arsen Avakov, as well as «heat» congratulates Alexander Avakov, calling him «a fine man, a patriot and a defender».

Avakov responded to the accusations of journalists

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov insists that his family not involved in the purchasing of backpacks for the interior Ministry, and the procurements were made lawfully, on the tender.

About this he wrote in Facebook, commenting on the scandal surrounding the video, allegedly filmed with a hidden camera in December 2014 in the office of the then Deputy interior Minister Sergei Shibatora with the participation of the alleged son of Alexander Avakov.

«Tender procurement procedure was flawless, the delivery price given DNDI specifications – minimum of 5 sentences. Delivery was real time, without the slightest infringements. The backpacks were delivered and operated in the special forces. A small amount remained in the warehouses (you can estimate the model through the press office), — wrote the Minister.

«Neither I, nor my wife, as previously stated kaplunovskii, neither my son – as stated now have had no relation to suppliers, in the end of the contest put products», — said Avakov.

He also commented on the information of journalist-investigator Dmitry Gnap that the tender won the company associated with other Alexander Avakov.

«Dmitry Ghnap, You gave «damning» evidence in our search overview – finding connection provider with Kharkiv and Kharkiv with Avakov via friends in FB. Yes – I am a Kharkiv citizen, and proud of it. And Yes – I , like my son have a Facebook account. Sasha 4600 friends and the same number of subscribers», — said Arsen Avakov.

«I have under 5000 friends and 363 000 subscribers … and You seriously think that’s an argument for compromise, finding the connection between FB boyfriend, Kharkiv (1.5 million people) and those who supported the popular front in the elections (22% voting in the country)?», — he was indignant.

Avakov also said vile methods of political struggle: «Spying and tapping phones of my wife and my son, the release with fabricated info on events, photos and videos. The ad hoc group prepares an accident involving a «major» — the son of the Minister of interior.. And the unexpected attack on his son in one of the Kharkov cafes.. and $ 5,000 announced for the photo and video of his drunken. What is the measure of this abomination?!».

«Constant «otvetka» from firtasha and grigorishinym for investigation, and «greetings» from the regionals, and «goodwill» dismissed high-ranking police officers, and «kindness» partners political shop is willing to «lower» competitor. I understand the motives – and incredibly nasty,» said Avakov Arisen.

«I don’t know how to protect your family from this. No such protection. Here and thrash… I Want to shred, but I go from negative energies. I leave until then, until will be able to build,» added the Minister.

We will remind, earlier in mass media there was information that the family Avakov during his tenure as Minister of revenue from gas production, lowering its cost, and «optimizing» taxes.

Avakov and his Department to assure the integrity of the procurement procedure backpacks 13.02.2016

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