Avakov accused Levochkina in the dispersal of the Euromaidan

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov believes that the author of the dispersal of Euromaidan was the then head of the presidential Administration Sergey Liovochkin.

He said this on November 23 during the opening of a new service centre in Luhansk region, reports channel 112.

«Because Mr. Levochkin be in jail, not in Parliament, because he is the author of the dispersal of the Maidan», – he said.

The newspaper reminds that the GPU is investigating the financing of terrorism, the company Firtash and Lyovochkin. In particular, the company GDF Media Limited is suspected in the transfer of 100 million dollars to the Russian «First channel» as payment for the acquisition of 29% stake in the TV channel «inter» under the apparent contract on the grounds of criminal offense under part 3. 258-5 of the Criminal code.

It was noted that 80% of the company GDF Media Limited is owned by Firtash, 20% – Levochkin.

Levochkina also accused of dispersal of the Maidan ex-President Viktor Yanukovychand the former head of capital militia Valery Koryak, however, Avakov, according to the channel, made the accusations for the first time.

However, Avakov repeatedly sharply criticized Levochkin. He also hinted that Levochkin agreed with President Petro Poroshenko, the channel «inter» has only criticized the party «national front», but not STDs.

In antimicrobial the film «Ukraine in flames», which the Russian channels showed on 21 November, the former Minister of internal Affairs Vitaly Zakharchenko also said that to disperse the protesters in 2013 ordered Levochkin.

Now Lyovochkin is a member of Parliament from the Opposition bloc.

As reported, on Friday, November 23, in the Ukrainian courts have held videotapes Yanukovych.

Recall that after the violent dispersal Euromaidan November 30, 2013 in mass media there was information that Sergey Levochkin, resigned. But later it turned out that he is at work and performs the duties of the head of Administration of President of Ukraine. Then, on December 2, Lyovochkin said that Yanukovych, his resignation was rejected. 17 January 2014, Yanukovych dismissed Liovochkin from the post of head of the presidential Administration.

We will note, in December 2014, after the escape to Russia, Yanukovych said that the dispersal of Maidan on 30 November was the then head of his administration Sergey Levochkin. While his own involvement with this event Yanukovych denies. So, in his opinion, the dispersal of activists were well-organized provocation to turn a peaceful protest in a radical direction.

The Liovochkin then called the accusations Yanukovych tales of «political tomb».

Avakov accused Levochkina in the dispersal of the Euromaidan 23.11.2016

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