Available documents on the battles of the UPA with Nazis in Central Ukraine

The anniversary of the first battle of the UPA — the battle with the Nazis — free access posted a collection of documents. 61 the document reflects information and armed confrontation between the German occupiers and the Ukrainian insurgent army and the underground organization of Ukrainian nationalists. The collection was prepared by the Centre for research liberation movement (TSIOD) in collaboration with the Archive of the security service and published on the server of the E-archive liberation movement. Its publication is part of the national information campaign «the UPA — response unconquered people.»

As noted on the official website of the Center, the collection of documents includes about 20 original combat reports about armed clashes with the Nazis: ambush convoys, attacks on the garrisons and critical infrastructure, fighting with the punitive expeditions and the like. For example, there is a report that details the attack on the district center in the city of Kamen-Kashirskiy 19 Aug 1943 — one of the most successful operations of the UPA. Then the rebels defeated the garrison, killing up to 100 German soldiers and police, captured a great booty.

As one of the compilers of the collection, historian of the Center of researches of liberation movement , Igor Bigun, the documents can be read about the battles with the German occupiers not only in Western Ukraine and in the Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Khmelnytskyi and Vinnytsia regions. Reports about the raids of hundreds of Smoking «Gordienko», «Lion», «Fast» and «Saluka» in the summer of 1943 and at the turn of 1943-1944 abound in violent clashes with the invaders in the Central Ukrainian lands.

«The activities of the UPA has reached such proportions that the occupants could not respond to it. The collection contains a translation of the order of the commander of SS and police General district «of Volyn and Podillia» Wilhelm günther dated June 7, 1943. In this occupation the official orders
to destroy the «national disorder» and gives a specific order of the German punitive units on how to act against the UPA,» — said the historian.

Along with the military forces of the German invaders used the propaganda apparatus. The collection includes 10 revealing German leaflets against Ukrainian nationalists. They, the Nazis called Ukrainian rebels «bandits», «murderers» and «robbers,» and was also accused of working for the Soviet Union and world Jewry.

At the same time, here you can find information and anti-Nazi materials Ian: «Our path is neither to Berlin, nor in Moscow!», «We threw the Germans,» «To skin the Nazi invaders!» and others.

Also interesting is the materials of archival criminal cases of the Department of the security Service in Rivne oblast. For example, in a criminal case Samchuk Sergei M. — page of the villages Small and Large zholuds’k of Rivne region — he talks about the antics of the first UPA. «The documents States that the first antics of the UPA, lasted for about two weeks. There they studied the geography, the relations of other States with Ukraine. In addition were drill and shooting training with hand weapons,» — said one of the compilers of the collection, historian of the Center of researches of liberation movement Volodymyr Birchak.

In total, the Collection includes documents of the Branch state archive of security Service of Ukraine, the Archive of the SBU in the Rivne region, and the Archive of the Centre for research liberation movement.

Recall, from 7 to 8 February 1943 in the town of vladimirets Rivne region held the first battle of the UPA. Then hundred of Gregory of Perehinka (pseudo «Box») attacked the German garrison.

It is considered the most studied political and military activities of the OUN-UPA in Western and Northern Ukraine.


8 February 2017 at the Ukrainian Institute of national remembrance announced the beginning of the information campaign of the UPA — reply rebellious nation» dedicated to 75th anniversary of UPA «. During the year it is planned to cover information on the main fronts of the struggle of the UPA — anti-Nazi and anti-Communist, what will tell exhibition and international scientific conference. The Institute also participates in the drafting of a new bill on the rehabilitation of victims of political repression.

The state Agency of Ukraine for the movie is planning to hold a special film festival.

Available documents on the battles of the UPA with Nazis in Central Ukraine 08.02.2017

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