Automaidan picketing Russian demands to stop pressure on activists

Activists of «Automaidan» has prepared the statement addressed to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko and staged a rally under the GPU with a demand to stop pressure on the members of his organization.

It is reported by the correspondent of «UKRINFORM».

The action was attended by about two dozen activists. According to the lawyer of the «Automaidan» Novel Maselko, the action associated with the searches in the apartment of the activist of the organization Nikolay Sidorkin November 24. He has participated in the project Prosud in the direction of study the lifestyle of the Chairman of Goloseevsky regional court of Kiev Elena Pervushina.

According to Maselko, Prosud interested e-Declaration of a judge that does not have apartments and cars, but activists have noticed that in Pervushino have a house and a car to use. Sidorkin participated in this investigation.

On 24 November, military prosecutors conducted a search in the apartment Sidorkin, accusing him of stalking Pervushino.

«After the raids, the security forces didn’t withdrew the criminal case against me was not filed,» – said Sidorkin.

As stated Maselko, activists of «Automaidan» require the attorney General to provide clarification regarding the events of November 24 and to stop pressure on activists.

«In our opinion, the actions of the military Prosecutor’s office are unfounded and illegal. We apply the GPU to the name of Lutsenko with the requirement to explain the search Sidorkina and demand to stop pressure on our activists. Also we will give the materials of the investigation on Pervushina to NABOO, to pay attention to it,» said Maselko.

He added that the activists don’t expect immediate responses to my statement, but ready to fight to the end.

Automaidan picketing Russian demands to stop pressure on activists 28.11.2016

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