Austria has received a request for the extradition of businessman Firtash to Spain

Austria has received a request for the extradition of businessman Dmitry Firtash in Spain, which had declared him wanted.

As Deutsche Welle reports, citing the press Secretary of the Prosecutor’s office of Vienna, the request came through official channels in Austria and studied by the Prosecutor’s office of Vienna. Accordingly, the decision will be taken after examining the contents of the request.

The publication notes that according to the procedure, if the Prosecutor does not detect circumstances that are contrary to the results of the suspect, the case will be transferred to the court. In case of positive decision of the court the last word — for the Austrian Ministry of justice.

Earlier, the Ukrainian oligarch Firtash was declared wanted by the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office in Spain together with his two alleged accomplices — citizens of Ukraine. Firtash is accused of money laundering in Spain. So, simultaneously with the issuance of warrants to search in Barcelona in the resort town of Marbella on 24 November, were detained five other alleged associates of Firtash.

According to Spanish prosecutors, these people have created for a number of Firtash offshore companies, although a certain percentage of the capital settled in Spain and invest in real estate. We are talking about «tens of millions of euros of illicit origin».

«We are aware of reports in the Spanish press about our client, Mr. Firtash. He categorically rejects the accusations voiced,» he responded to the request of DW Austrian lawyers of the Ukrainian oligarch.

The representative of Firtash’s not reported whether the billionaire is still in Vienna. After a positive court decision last year, the Ukrainian returned his passport and bail of 125 million euros. Firtash only from time to time to report to law enforcement. Options to hide from the investigation the oligarch a little — it is closed more than one hundred countries with which the United States and Spain, there are extradition agreements.

In Ukraine, Firtash was also threatened with arrest, repeatedly personally stated the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. Among the countries where he could go is Russia. At the end of December or January in Vienna is expected to consider the second judicial authorities request for extradition of Firtash to the United States of America. In the first instance, the Vienna court rejected a request for extradition, not excluding the political component in the case. In the United States Firtash is accused of massive corruption, he faces dozens of years in prison.

As reported, November 25 Spain declared Firtash wanted. He is suspected of laundering large sums of money.

Austria has received a request for the extradition of businessman Firtash to Spain 30.11.2016

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