Austria has overcome a government crisis

The social democratic party of Austria (SPA) and the conservative Austrian people party (ANP), forming a coalition government failed after five days of talks to agree on a joint working programme for the next 18 months. The journalists on 29 January announced the Federal Chancellor Christian Kern (SPA) and Chairman of the övp, Vice Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner, the newspaper Kurier.

«We have a Foundation, based on which the government will be able to do their job in the next 18 months,» said Kern.

Also solved the problem of funding government initiatives, assured the head of the Ministry of Finance Hans Joerg Schelling. Remains open only the question of whether all Ministers to put their signatures on the document — as required by the SPA.

Among the compromises, which failed to reach the parties — the reduction of additional labour costs for businesses that create new jobs, the introduction of quotas for women in Supervisory boards of private companies, free use of tablet and laptop computers for schoolchildren, the tightening of criteria for the selection of students for universities and introduction for asylum seekers the so-called integration year required employment for that period.

Existing since 2013 the coalition of the Social democratic party of Austria and the conservative Austrian people’s party was in serious crisis after the ultimatum of the Federal Chancellor Christian Kern, who on 25 January had threatened to suspend cooperation with coalition partners, if the parties are unable to produce prerequisites for a constructive dialogue. If the coalition in Austria collapsed, the country would have waited for early parliamentary elections.

Austria has overcome a government crisis 30.01.2017

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