Australians voted for the legalization of gay marriage

Australians during a national survey supported the legalization of same-sex marriage. «For» vote of 61.6% of the country’s citizens, to 38.4% against. About November 15, according to the National Bureau of statistics of Australia.

The survey was conducted by mail and lasted eight weeks. It was attended by 12.7 million people, representing 79.5% of the voters of the country.

The results of a plebiscite are not binding, but the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said that the Parliament must enact a law before Christmas, notes The Sydney Morning Herald.

In Australia while there is no Federal legislation legalizing some forms of same-sex unions. Now in all States and territories of Australia at the regional level, legitimized various forms of same-sex partnerships – civil unions, domestic partnerships and actual cohabitation, differing in legal status.

Australians voted for the legalization of gay marriage 15.11.2017

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