Attack of the occupiers in the industrial area of Avdiivka repulsed. Three Ukrainian soldiers killed, one wounded, — Motuzyanyk

As a result of military operations and attacks of militants in the area of Avdeyevka industrial zone 1 Ukrainian soldier died, 2 died from severe wounds, one wounded and survived.

On this day, 29 January, said the speaker of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine on ATO Colonel Alexander Motuzyanyk during a press briefing at the Ukrainian crisis media center.

Enemy fire were left without electricity in Avdeevka, two civilians were injured

«The enemy continued shelling our positions with artillery and mortars, but not yet transferred to the assault action. Ukrainian troops on all fronts are in a heightened state of readiness to meet the enemy fire,» said Motuzyanyk.

He recalled that on Sunday night, the militants tried to storm Avdeyevka industrial: at 5:00 in the morning the enemy artillery preparation, after 7:00, the enemy went on the offensive.

«This provocation has not only military but also political task — to try to accuse the Ukrainian troops of violating the Minsk agreements. The enemy failed to realize their intentions: the attack failed, the enemy retreated with losses back East. A key role was played by professional countermeasures of Ukrainian troops,» — said Motuzyanyk.

In the area of ATO the most difficult situation is in the direction of Mariupol, especially on Maritime borders.

«The enemy of all batteries using heavy weapons. For the first time in many weeks our positions between novotroitske and Dokuchayevsk were fired with mortars. Several dozen mines flew in the direction of Krasnogorovka of Donetsk. However, the main efforts of the enemy concentrated on the coastal frontiers. In particular, in the Water within a half hour the occupants fired on our positions over 180 122-mm shells, and the firing was not from one place, and 2 (Zaichenko and Sahanki). On adjacent lines of defense – Pavlopole, Hnutove, Talakovka, Lebedinsky, Shirokino – the situation is similar. In addition to artillery, mortars and light weapons, the occupants thrown into battle armored vehicles,» he said.

According to the representative of the Ministry of defense, in just the past day in Mariupol direction was 38 enemy attacks, including 14 of the heavy weapons.

At the direction of Lugansk yesterday most went to the Crimean.

«During the 2nd shelling by the enemy on our positions were fired 50 shells. It was late in the evening.Between 15 and 20 hours a number of enemy provocations occurred in the Popasnyansky area. In the front section of the Russian border to Trekhizbenka fighting yesterday was not conducted. In just the past day in Lugansk direction there were 6 enemy attacks, including 2 of the heavy weapons,» — said Matusevich.

He stated that at the Donetsk direction, about half of all enemy activity had yesterday at Avdiivka industrial Park. Occasionally the enemy used heavy weapons, Ukrainian troops fired in response.

«On the arc svetlodarsk 2 was a mortar attack. Also one enemy provocations recorded in zaytsevo, Verhnetoretskom and Kamenka. In the Donetsk airport yesterday were quiet. In just the past day in Donetsk direction occurred on 11 enemy attacks, including 3 – of heavy weapons,» — said defense Ministry spokesman for ATO.

Earlier today it was reported that the invaders had held 55 of the shelling wounded Ukrainian soldier.

Attack of the occupiers in the industrial area of Avdiivka repulsed. Three Ukrainian soldiers killed, one wounded, — Motuzyanyk 29.01.2017

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