ATO forces surrendered mercenary with the Russian Pskov region, fought against Ukraine in 2015 — SBU

Forces of anti-terrorist operation detained the citizen of Russia, consisting in an illegal armed formation (IAF) «DNR» trying to cross the line of demarcation outside the established checkpoints near the village of olenivka, Volnovakha district, Donetsk region.

«A citizen of Russia, native of the village of Luki in the Pskov region of Russia arrived in Donetsk in peace 2013 in search of work. In the middle of 2015 the man from-for financial difficulties enrolled in one of the illegal armed groups «DNR». He held the position of duty point of intelligence, took the reports from the observation posts of the militants and was preparing help for the leaders of the terrorist group,» reads the official website of the security service of Ukraine, published on Monday, 23 January 2017.

As the man explained, he decided voluntarily to leave the Russian-terrorist forces and surrender of the Ukrainian government due to moral and psychological pressure from the Russian curators and excessive monetary exactions on the part of terrorist leaders.

Investigators of security service of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings under article 258-3 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (Creation of terrorist group or terrorist organization). Conducted emergency investigations.

We will remind, in September last, 2016, in the Donbass the Ukrainian side surrendered personnel of the Russian military intelligence officer Denis Sidorov, through whom was obtained valuable information about the command operating in the conflict zone of Russians and their mercenaries.

As for the participants in the fighting against the Ukrainian army who are citizens of Ukraine, for them the special program of the SBU entitled «waiting for You at home.» Through this program, the authorities on a voluntary basis regularly give up the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk regions who do not want to fight any more as part of established in the occupied territory of illegal armed groups.

ATO forces surrendered mercenary with the Russian Pskov region, fought against Ukraine in 2015 — SBU 23.01.2017

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