ATO forces repelled another attack near Avdiivka. The city of warm coke

The militants refused to observe the regime of «silence» and did not want to take the bodies of their dead. This morning, January 31, in Facebook reported the press center of the ATO.

«The Russian occupation forces continue to assault and actively used artillery and mortars near the settlement Avdeyevka. Invaders do not stop even their own losses they incurred as a result of attempts to capture the Ukrainian position,» — said in the message.

Foreign Ministry asks the world to step up pressure on the Kremlin over Avdeevka. Yelchenko wrote a letter to the UN Secretary-General
Avdeevka coke-oven gas heat

Despite this, the command of ATO forces offered the opposite side to provide 31 January, the observance of the mode «silence».

«The goal specified was to enable the Russian occupation troops to carry out search and evacuation of bodies of their dead in the battle area. Of that was pre-informed the Russian side SCCC prescribed manner. However, the opposite side of this act of humanity was ignored, than once again showed his true attitude to the people who are fighting on the side of the Russian occupation troops,» — said in the message.

In the area of Avdeevka in the morning fighters invited the silence, and then went on the offensive, told the «Ukrainian truth» a spokesman for the brigade, which holds positions near Avdeevka Elena Mokrenchuk.

«The attack is repulsed. The fight continues,» she said.

In turn, the Chairman of the Donetsk HAV Pavel Zhebrivsky in your Facebook also reported about these events with reference to the commander of the brigade. According to him, killed gunman named «Consul».

«One division of the Russian fighters under Avdiyivka opened fire and went on the offensive. First have requested the silence, but after 10 minutes, regrouped and went on the offensive. This is only what I was told by the commander of the 72nd brigade. Our troops repulsed the attack. Several militants were killed, among them a terrorist nicknamed «the Consul». Now the fight continues,» wrote zhebrivskyi.

At the same time, the press center of the brigade also reported that about 7:00 am, the militants fired at the «new» part of the city Avdeevka.

«Three hits were recorded near the hospital and around two apartment buildings of civilians. The shelling continued, the calls for military and civil administration of the city to truce ignored the Russian military», — stated in the message.

At night militants shelled Avdiivka from Minsk agreements prohibited MLRS BM-21 «Grad». Under the agreements, these units must be withdrawn 70 km from the demarcation line. However, the gunmen fired from Donetsk.

In the town declared a state of emergency. Rescuers work.

Avdeevka coke-oven gas heat

Avdiivka coke (APS), the largest in Europe coke-chemical plant, a member of the group «Metinvest», which stopped work after the attacks due to the loss of power, managed to maintain an Autonomous electricity generation at the plant and heated Avdeevka coke-oven gas.

«The situation at 8.30 PM until the morning were able to keep the generation and Parking of the city of coke oven gas, in order to maintain forward flow of natural gas. Promise 10:00 the silence in the restoration of power lines, but now everything is quite hard and noisy, there are arrivals (shells – ed.) to the city,» wrote General Director Musa Magomedov in Facebook on Tuesday.

Earlier in the night from Monday to Tuesday, the CEO wrote that in the conditions of catastrophic shortage of coke oven gas the company tries to keep the generation of electricity and heated water for heating of the city until morning. 3rd and 4th coke oven plants are conserved, but to further maintain the temperature of the coke battery heating and city will need a lot of natural gas.

«By analogy with February 2014: approximately 18 thousand cubic meters per hour, in order to save the plant and the plant, to prevent a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe», — said General Director of the company.

We will remind, on January 29 fighters carried out the assault actions in the area of Avdeyevka industrial zone with the aim of capturing the positions of the APU, there are casualties on both sides. As a result of shelling of the city remained without power, electricity and heat.

President Petro Poroshenko 30 January cut short his working visit to Germany due to the events in Avdiivka.


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ATO forces repelled another attack near Avdiivka. The city of warm coke 31.01.2017

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