At the University Bogomolets unknown beat the journalist.

February 27 at the University Bogomolets unknown beat activist and journalist Oleg Yatsenko. This was reported by coordinator of the campaign «No» to corruption in medical institutions» Juliana Kovalchuk comments in the «Public radio».

According to Kovalchuk, Yatsenko saw that the guards and employees of the University come in morphological building of the University in the window and wanted to climb. After that, the unknown, who introduced the guards of the University, dragged the journalist to the inside and started beating.

According to Kovalchuk, Yatsenko took a phone, passport, camera and backpack.

«The staff of the University took place in the University through the window. Accordingly, we have used them as an example. Went in through the window and back in through the window came. Now call on the police to act, to open doors, to allow students to use the academic buildings and that they are using pseudoselector were not deprived of their right to receive knowledge,» said the journalist.

«Classtwo.Nfo» on the page in Facebook reports that Yatsenko made a documentary about the alleged strike at the medical University Bogomolets.

«According to the student Ekaterina Pavlovskaya, he asked the so-called protection of one illegally barricaded buildings of the University, how to get to University and why is there no classes. The guards dragged him into the room through the window and began to beat feet. At the request of activists and students to stop beating – closed the window blinds», – writes the edition.

It is noted that after the arrival of the police beating of the journalist has not stopped.

«The guy kept indoors for about 40 minutes, took all the documents and smashed glasses,» writes «Classtwo.Nfo».

At the University Bogomolets unknown beat the journalist. 28.02.2018

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