At the Lugansk and Mariupol directions aggravated the situation

Two servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed forces were killed in the zone of the antiterrorist operation in the East of the country over the past day, said the speaker of the Ministry of defence on ATO Col.

«Over the past day two Ukrainian soldiers were killed. This happened as a result of mortar shelling in Novotoshkovke and Shyrokyne,» he said at a briefing on Friday in Kiev.

Motuzyanik informed that at the direction of Lugansk situation worsened in Papanasam and, partially, of the Novoaydarsky area. The militants used MLRS «Grad» firing 20 rockets, and actively used mortars, firing on positions of ATO forces over 160 min. in addition, opened fire with cannon artillery. Just a day in this area were 23 cases of violations of the cease-fire, 17 of them with the use of heavy weapons.

At the Donetsk direction is the most difficult situation is in the industrial area of Avdiivka, where militants carried out three powerful shelling, mortar firing 80 min. In the Avdeevka damaged 6 houses, victims among the local people there. Hybrid Russian occupation forces have also used mortars in zaytsevo, Verhnetoretskom, small arms – in the Novgorod, the heater, the mine Butovka. Just a day in the direction of Donetsk took place on 8 attacks, 4 of them with heavy weapons.

According to Motuzyanik, the situation deteriorated and on the Mariupol direction. There, the enemy used mortars, tanks, guns. The most active fighters fired at positions of ATO forces in areas Krasnogorovka Marinka, Pavlopol, Shirokino. Enemy’s sniper worked in Novotroitsk and Lebedinsky. A day in the direction of Mariupol recorded 32 violations of the ceasefire, 16 of them with the use of heavy weapons.

Note, the Russian occupation troops, ignoring any arrangement, most of the shelling was conducted from mortars of various calibers and heavy artillery, including MLRS BM-21 «Grad». In just the past day were 63 fire. Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed.

At the Lugansk and Mariupol directions aggravated the situation 27.01.2017

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