At the international festival of Independent Film Avards Ukrainian film has received a «platinum»

Ukrainian film «Dustards» became one of the platinum winners of International film awards Independent Film Awards in the category «Documentary».

This was reported on the website of the national film awards.

The film Studio Red Glass, became the first Ukrainian documentary film about the motorcycle tour around Western Ukraine. The Director of the movie was made by Stanislaw Gurenkoproducer — Yana Altukhova, co-producer — Alexander Kamenets.

«I was interested in working with the creative team of the film. For me it’s a new experience and particularly pleased that our efforts are appreciated by critics such awards as the International Independent Film Awards. We are convinced that this is the first step to new heights and to new large-scale film works. And already thinking about participation in other international film festivals. Such a high score «Dustards» beyond Ukraine — it is our creative victory and recognition,» said creative producer of Red Glass Altukhov.

The film tells the story of friends who decided to travel to Western Ukraine on their bikes. In addition to them, a full-fledged «actors» were four motorcycle: Honda 1982 Yamaha 1978 BMW 1986 Honda 1985 issue. The soundtrack to the film was the song «The road», performed by Sasha Boole in the style of indie-folk.

«Five days of continuous round-the-clock filming in natural conditions, without duplicates, without rehearsal, with only the route — no easy task. We shot sitting on tailgate of car, traveling at a speed of 100 km/h, with a quadcopter, with ferry… Total for the trip (not including material shot in Kiev) was taken about 7 thousand duplicates, approximately 5 hours of pure material. The events shown in the Dustards, is a dialogue of man with nature, as well as reasoning about the value of friendship, about choices and that the journey, even the shortest, changes you forever,» — says the Director Gurenko.

In addition to Studio Red Glass, as co-producer was Alexander Kamenets. According to him, the film «Dustards» has earned his award in Los Angeles.

«I’m glad I can be involved in this success. Moreover, the tape is really worthy of public attention. Although recognition of the «Dustards» International Independent Film Awards I had no doubt that the picture will occupy a worthy place not only in the domestic film industry. I am confident that the team «Dustards» great future,» said Kamenetz.

The International Independent Film Awards — international independent film awards established in 2014. The film focuses on a new ambitious representatives of the film industry from around the world. The awarding of the prize takes place on 7 levels (Best Of Show, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mention) and is 41 nomination for participation. The International Independent Film Awards does not ignore talents and each year opens new names in the movie business.

The film Stanislav Gurenko «Dustards» was the first film produced in Ukraine, and received recognition from The International Independent Film Awards.

Earlier it was reported that in the framework of the section «Generation 14plus» 67-th Berlin international film festival premiere of the film Directors of Georg Genoux and Elizabeth Smith «School # 3».

At the international festival of Independent Film Avards Ukrainian film has received a «platinum» 20.01.2017

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