At the election of the President of the United States there was a third candidate, libertarian

In the presidential race in the United States there is another candidate who will compete with the nominees from the Democratic and Republican parties. The libertarian party on may 29, has nominated Gary Johnson to participate in presidential elections, said ABC News.

«The former Governor of new Mexico Gary Johnson won the presidential nomination of the libertarian party», — says the publication.

Johnson is positioning itself as a successful competitor for the two candidates from the major parties – Democratic and Republican, the newspaper notes. According to the nominee from the libertarian, «he intends to use a broad reluctance of voters to stand behind Donald trump and Hillary Clinton during their performances.

Johnson won five candidates within the party to secure first place in the list of candidates. However, the libertarian party poses a difficult task to its candidate has become competitive in the General election process.

Recent polls by Fox News indicate that Johnson has only 10% support in the confrontation with trump and Clinton, «even though the polls tend to exaggerate support for third-party candidate». It’s not enough to deal with already existing favorites of the race, especially with such a level he is unlikely to have a victory at least in one of the States.

Johnson was a candidate of the libertarian party in 2012. Then he got one percent of the vote and became the first libertarian presidential candidate, who gained the support of more than a million votes.

The libertarian party was founded in 1971. Acts introduction to politics foundations of the ideology of libertarianism: free markets, rights and freedoms of citizens, free international trade, peace and non-interference in the Affairs of other countries. In terms of the economy the closest to the Republican party.

The U.S. presidential election will be held November 8, 2016.

At the election of the President of the United States there was a third candidate, libertarian 30.05.2016

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