At the debates in France defeated a supporter of the lifting of sanctions against Russia Fillon

Francois Fillon emerged victorious from the TV debates with Alain Juppe before the 27 November vote determining the candidate from the party «the Republicans» to participate in the presidential elections.

This was in the night of Friday, November 25, told the French BFM TV channel, the UKRINFORM reports.

According to the center for the study of public opinion Elabe, their votes for former Prime Minister Fillon, who was «more persuasive» ready to give 71 percent of voters in the conservative camp.

Alain Juppe, in the past also headed the government of France, attracted to his side, only 28 percent of conservatives and center-right, who watched the debate. According to the analysis of the views of the entire TV audience, ahead of Fillon, Juppe with a score of 57% against 41%.

During the debate it was about the necessary reforms in France and on foreign policy, particularly towards Russia. If Juppe leaning towards mild reforms «without brutality» and in favour of maintaining sanctions against Russia, Fillon said he will seek to reduce unemployment and restore the potential of the country because of austerity. He called for the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

According to Fillon, the sanctions policy of the West «failed» without giving «nothing but the ruin of European farmers.» He also stated about the responsibility of Kiev for the conflict in the East of Ukraine and stressed that he is ready to cooperate with Russia in Syria.

In turn, Juppe spoke out against the rapprochement with Vladimir Putin, which «has not stopped talking about the cold war.» If juppé, defeated in the elections, the negotiations with Russia would have insisted on the implementation of the Minsk agreements on the unacceptability of the annexation of Crimea.

Recall that the first results of the primaries in France left out of the presidential race former head of state Nicolas Sarkozy.

In France believe that the presidential elections in 2017, the main battle will waged between the center-right candidate and leader of the French far-right party «national front» marine Le Pen. The latter, commenting on the victory of Donald trump in the presidential elections of the USA, said: «I hope that in France people also decide to overturn the table — the table where the elite divides what belongs to the French people». Before the French voters, she added, will be a choice between a multicultural society and the «independent country where people can decide their destiny.»

The first round of presidential elections in France scheduled for April 23, 2017.

At the debates in France defeated a supporter of the lifting of sanctions against Russia Fillon 25.11.2016

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