At the airport of Istanbul there have been bombings: more than 30 dead, many wounded

In Turkey at the international airport of Istanbul has thundered three explosions. According to authorities, the attack of three suicide bombers killed 36 people. This was announced by the Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirimarrived at the scene of the attack. Injured 147 people. Most of the victims were Turkish citizens, but among the dead are foreigners. The Prime Minister confirmed the picture of terrorist attack: terrorists opened fire at people in the building of the main airport of the country, and then blew themselves up in different areas of the terminal. Around 3:30 he reported that the airport has resumed and again receives and sends flights, transfers

A senior Turkish official later said that the explosion at the Istanbul airport killed about 50 people, AP reported. However, this information is not yet confirmed officially. According to an unnamed official, the attackers were four.

The American Agency AP, citing an anonymous Turkish official reports that the attack tend to attribute the «Islamic state». Kurdish radicals denied any involvement.

Later, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim confirmed the reports. «The initial data that now are in effect, indicate that the attack was made by the group ISIS. The terrorists arrived at the airport in a taxi, opened fire and then blew himself up,» said he. The Prime Minister also pointed out that «omissions from the point of view of security measures at the airport was not.»

Around 5:30 in the morning at the airport began to re-land the aircraft.

According to media reports, the explosions occurred in the international arrivals area of Ataturk airport, the largest in Turkey. According to witnesses, the gunfire was conducted from parked next to the terminal car.

Passengers and airport employees were evacuated. Turkish TV channel NTV said that at the airport Ataturk closed all entrances and exits. In addition, according to journalists of TV channel, at least one of the explosions occurred in the area of domestic flights.

On the scene came dozens of police cars, rescue teams, fire brigades and ambulances.

In the Internet appeared the first photos from the scene, which illustrate the devastating consequences of the bombings at the airport.

According to the Agency Reuters, the building blew themselves up two men. One of the advanced versions of the suicide bombers. According to others, some yet unidentified individuals could throw in the terminal building at the screening checkpoint grenades when the security personnel appeared in their attitude of suspicion. NTV, citing the Istanbul authorities reported that the airport was attacked by three suicide bombers.

The local media also appeared information about the fact that eyewitnesses saw the four armed men who ran from the terminal building.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan urged the international community to resolutely fight terrorism after the terrorist attack at the international airport of Istanbul.

«Angrily condemned the terrorist attack in Istanbul. This attack, which occurred in the Holy month of Ramadan, shows that the terrorists do not have anything sacred, including religion. Expect the whole world primarily Western countries, demonstrate a firm position against terrorist organizations. Turkey will continue the fight against terrorism, despite the price she pays for it», — quotes a written statement of the President of RIA «news».

Erdogan stressed that for terrorists there is no difference between Istanbul and London, Ankara and Berlin, Izmir and Chicago. «If we can give a decisive rebuff to terrorists, they will carry out all their most horrible plans. I hope that the terrorist attack in Istanbul will be a turning point for the common struggle against terrorism with the participation of all countries of the world, primarily Western,» said the President of Turkey.

The head of EU diplomacy Federica Mogherini expressed Tuesday night in support of the Turkish people in connection with the attack at the airport in Istanbul. «Another tragic terrorist attack in Turkey. The EU supports the Turkish people. Our hearts go out to them all,» she said in his Twitter.

Press Secretary of the US White house Joshua Ernest , said: «Together with all our friends and allies around the world, we support Turkey, which is our NATO ally and our partner in the fight against terrorism.» He stressed that the U.S. administration strongly condemns the «cowardly terrorist attack on the international airport Ataturk in Istanbul, reports TASS.

In addition, the support Turkey has expressed a management of the airport of Brussels, where the attacks took place on March 22. «Our thoughts are with the victims of the attack at the airport in Istanbul. We wish them, their families and all the staff at the airport of strength and courage,» — said in Twitter Brussels airport.

We will remind, last week in Turkey for planning a terrorist attack during the gay pride parade in Istanbul were arrested three men suspected of having links with the group «Islamic state». Then it was reported that one of the detainees is a citizen of Turkey, the other two natives of Dagestan of the Russian.

Previously one of the branches of the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party — the «freedom Hawks of Kurdistan» (TAK) has claimed responsibility for the attack, which occurred on 7 June in Istanbul, which killed 11 people (including seven policemen). According to the militants, the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber.

The Kurdish militants warned foreign tourists that they may suffer in the course of the «war» against the Turkish government.

At the airport of Istanbul there have been bombings: more than 30 dead, many wounded 29.06.2016

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