At Semenchenko was tagged for threatening the head of the Krivoy Rog police

The Prosecutor’s office of Krivoi Rog began investigation of criminal case upon the statements of the people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko threats of violence against the head of the Krivoy Rog police Valery Fierce. Himself stated Semenchenko in his Facebook. He has also led a number of criminal proceedings — 4201500000002823.

In «Samopomich» they say that the GPU is engaged in illegal Semenchenko

We are talking about the events of 5 December in the building of the city hall of Krivoy Rog. Received a call about a mining of the premises, and the police asked all those present to leave the building to check. Assistant to people’s Deputy from «Samopomich» Yegor Sobolev Vitaly Chernyavsky refused to leave the building. He later stated that a Ferocious hit his head against the wall. It’s caused Semenchenko attack of aggression, and he began to push Fierce and threaten him.

All this occurred against the backdrop of a protest organized by the «Samopomich» with the requirement of re-election.

In «Samopomich» they say that the GPU is illegal.

In the faction «Samopomich» argue that the General Prosecutor’s office carries out illegal investigative actions in respect of people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko. About this to journalists on Tuesday said the people’s deputies of the faction Oleg Berezyuk and Semyon Semenchenko, reports «Ukrainian truth».

«Today we have all the evidence that the GPU as a device of harassment of the state by definition is used to persecute those who think differently» — outraged the leader of fraction Oleg Berezyuk.

«In violation of the law on MP status, in violation of the Constitution, the Verkhovna Rada regulations and the criminal procedure code, investigators of the GPU, namely the military Prosecutor’s office conducted undercover investigations against me,» — said Semenchenko himself.

According to the MP, he became aware of this from the volunteer battalion «Donbass», which, he said, threatened «the landings», if they agree to testify against him. He noted that such actions of the prosecutors were recorded on video.

«Today, we refer to the NEB by the attorney General Socino and the military Prosecutor Matios, the«- added Semenchenko.

«I also learned that yesterday on behalf of the GPU, the Prosecutor’s office of Krivoi Rog also began verification of statements about threats (OSCE — ed.) to the police chief, the same one who beat up the assistant people’s Deputy Sobolev,» said he.

«Cynicism is that is persecuted beyond the law of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, against whom there is a case that explore and encourage other people to testify against him. To Semenchenko, the Verkhovna Rada did not give permission to study its activity», — said Berezyuk.

«Our conversation today is the prevention, so nobody could tell that someone something is not done. Working together for the stability in the state», — said Berezyuk.

He also added that this question will raise on the coalition Council.

At Semenchenko was tagged for threatening the head of the Krivoy Rog police 09.02.2016

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