At Minsk book fair the Russians were forced to clean up extremist literature on «Givi» and «Motorola»

In Belarus at the Minsk international book fair, Russian publishers put on the books stands on militants operating in the Ukrainian Donbass, as well as the scandalous books of the late Ukrainian writer and journalist Oles Buzina.

Inciting ethnic hatred literature was removed from the stands, according to the Belarusian Radio Liberty.

Thus, the Russian «Book world» presented the book «the Knights of new Russia. Chronicle Correspondent the legendary Motorola» Gennady Oak and «Donbass: from Debaltsevo to Slavyansk» Mikhail Polikarpov, on the covers of which are already dead in the occupied militants in Donetsk Mikhail «Givi» Tolstykh and Arsen «Motorola» Pavlov.

Also on the stands I got the book «Puppets and puppeteers. The Ukrainian catastrophe» El Murid.

In addition, put the books of the notorious Olesya Elderberry – «Vampire Taras Shevchenko», «the Union of the plow and the Trident: how did you come up with Ukraine.»

As explained by the representative of the company «Makbel» – one of organizers of the exhibition were publishers rent space and on the first day to 12:00 lay out their products.

«But after that we will go through and see which books are presented. And this morning all these books of questionable content removed», – said the interlocutor of «Radio Liberty».

«People are warned that these books are in our country unwanted, Belarus has the list of extremist literature, banned. When we have removed and everything seems to be realized», – he said.

«We inspect not only the Russian stands, but all others. Will continue to monitor,» – said the representative of «Makbel».

Recall that in 2015 for spreading anti-Ukrainian books at the publishers ‘ Forum in Lviv, a criminal case was initiated.

We add that the state Committee of Ukraine published the list of books banned in the country.

At Minsk book fair the Russians were forced to clean up extremist literature on «Givi» and «Motorola» 09.02.2017

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