At Maidan arrived 5 tents, people want to «restore justice»

As of Sunday morning near the stele on the Maidan of Independence has established several tourist tents.

As reported today, February 21, UKRINFORM, in addition to placed the night before, one tourist and one military tent, there were five tourist.

On several tents set flags with inscriptions «ICAM — Coalition of participants of Pomaranchevy Revolution».

The majority of protesters, which is now not more than a hundred, men in camouflage, some in balaclavas.

The tents sketched firewood and tanks are installed for heating, hastily created from trash bins.

On the stairs near the stele of Independence are the men, which the activists call «main» but with the press they talk reluctantly, noting that all of their requirements and further actions will be known to the chamber 17 hours.

As noted by one of the protesters, according to him, party with the ATO in Lviv, anything drastic they do not plan and just want to «restore justice» to «the government were worthy to people.» He also urged the media not to identify people who gathered on the Maidan, with «provocateurs» that Tuesday broke Windows at the Bank and threw stones at the office of Rinat Akhmetov.

However, «the Ukrainian truth» reports that morning near the House of trade unions there was a skirmish between the men in camouflage and police officers.

According to eyewitnesses, the House was approached by a truck allegedly with the equipment for the scene that was supposed to be set at a stele of Independence. The truck had a few dozen people in camouflage uniforms that were previously present in the stele, where the representatives of «CPF» set up a big tent.

The law enforcement officers present at the scene, blocked the movement of the truck, causing the collision occurred.

The speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Kiev Artem Shevchenko on air of TV channel «112» stated that no clashes were not, «was communication».

«Patrol police carried out their duties, it controls and regulates traffic on this stretch (of road), so she made certain steps to comply with the law,» — said Shevchenko.

Around the square are on duty law enforcement officers, but near the October Palace there are about 10 buses with tinted Windows, unmarked, near which also shows law enforcement officers.

At Maidan arrived 5 tents, people want to «restore justice» 21.02.2016

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