at «Eurovision-2017» came up with a slogan and logo

The official slogan and logo of the song contest «Eurovision-2017». A key slogan of the «Eurovision» this year, which will be held in Kiev sounds like «Celebrate Diversity», which means «We respect diversity», reports «NTU».

The basis of the design of the logo of the song contest «Eurovision-2017» is a traditional Ukrainian necklace namysto, which is not only the oldest female ornament, but also considered a talisman.

The slogan of the future show creatively echoes the logo since namysto consists of a large number of various beads, each of which is special.

«The slogan «Celebrate Diversity» complementing last year’s theme of «Come Together» (Unite). In the current slogan of the Eurovision song contest is important for the song contest of values. «Celebrate Diversity» is about the unification of Europe and countries abroad whose citizens will come together to honor what unites us and what differentiates one from another, makes us unique. Also all unite good music,» said Executive Director of «Eurovision» Jon Ola sand.

«Use this beautiful and meaningful logo based on a traditional talisman, not only creates a sense of historicity, but of modern times — in appearance and flow. As this topic is key for the team of «Eurovision-2017″, we look forward to a fantastic show in may,» he added.

The winners of the selection of the creative concept of «Eurovision-2017» — two Ukrainian creative Agency: Republique and Banda who came together specifically for this project. Taking namysto as the basis of the logo they created for each jewelry item unique patterns and shapes. It symbolizes that we are all unique, but we all still share a love for music.

«Celebrate Diversity» will be a key theme for all aspects of «Eurovision-2017». The slogan and logo of the event give an understanding about Ukrainian culture and a glimpse of what awaits fans who will come to Kyiv in may. Ukraine will be recognized by the combination of culture, technology and individual creativity fuse all 43 contestants who are already actively preparing for the competition.

Recall, January 31 will be held the draw of the participating countries of «Eurovision-2017».

at «Eurovision-2017» came up with a slogan and logo 30.01.2017

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