At a refinery in Israel, a powerful explosion occurred

In the Israeli city of Haifa on one of the largest refineries after the ignition of fuel containers, a powerful explosion occurred.

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A reservoir with a capacity of 12 cubic meters was filled only tenth at the moment when the fire occurred.

To the scene immediately firefighters arrived and emergency services. As a result of incident nobody has suffered.

«There were no casualties, a large number of members of the fire service works to prevent the spread of fire to nearby objects,» — said the press service of the company Bazan-Bazan, which owns the plant.

As writes, on the premises lit store with gasoline. Firefighters expect the complete emptying of the tank. According to forecasts, this could take several hours.

The fire is far away from the store with ammonia and does not represent for it danger. Also there is no threat to residential homes.

However, the Ministry of environment reported high levels of air pollution in suburbs of Haifa. The residents of Kiryat Haim, Kiryat Motzkin, Kiryat Bialik, Kiryat-ATA, Rachasima it is recommended to close the Windows in the apartments and to avoid a long stay in the street.

Earlier in the series of explosions during the work on decommissioned oil tanker at a plant in Pakistan, 12 people were killed, 58 were injured.

At a refinery in Israel, a powerful explosion occurred 25.12.2016

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