Astana begin negotiations on Syria without a specified format

In the capital of Kazakhstan Astana on Monday, January 23, will start negotiations on the Syrian settlement, organized by Russia and Turkey. They were supposed to start at 13:00 local time (09:00 Kyiv time), but at the appointed time that did not happen, «Interfax».

«The negotiations have not yet begun, but a number of delegations have already arrived at the Rixos hotel, in particular the delegations of Russia and Iran,» said an Agency source close to the negotiations, writes

Later, almost 10:00 Moscow time, RIA «Novosti» reported that the meeting on Syria began, the delegation of Damascus and the armed opposition for the first time sat across the negotiating table.

Negotiators are sitting in the following order (from the conventional 12 o’clock clockwise): Kazakhstan, Iran, the delegation of the Syrian government, the UN, the US, the delegation of the armed opposition of Syria, Turkey, Russia. The meeting organizers have deliberately refused plates for the official Damascus and the opposition, simply designating them as the «Syrian Arab Republic».

Earlier, in a matter of minutes before the meeting, it was reported that neither the format of the talks, no final document has not yet been determined. The work of the parties on the final document on the Syrian talks in Astana is still in progress, reported on Monday morning at the briefing, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Roman Vasilenko.

He has also previously stated that discussions are continuing on the format of direct negotiations of delegations from Damascus and the Syrian opposition: «This question (the format of negotiations of the representatives of Syria) who and how, how the table in front of whom and where to sit, is now being discussed. It will be clear at the beginning of the negotiations.»

The representative of the Free Syrian army Osama Abu Zeid , stated on Monday, January 23, the Agency EFE that the negotiations between the delegation of the Syrian government and the opposition in Astana will be indirect. He added that a decision on a similar format was adopted by Russia and Turkey.

«To arrange direct negotiations failed, the work in this direction continues,» he said Monday, before the talks, «Interfax».

The delegation of the Syrian opposition at the peace talks in the capital of Kazakhstan on Monday, 23 January, stated that he would discuss only the issues of compliance with the ceasefire regime and will not join in political discussions. It is reported by the European true with reference to Reuters.

«We will not engage in any political discussion, and all will relate to the observance of the ceasefire and the humanitarian aspect to alleviate the suffering of Syrians under siege and release of prisoners and providing assistance,» — said the representative of the opposition delegation , Yahya al-Aridi.

«The Syrian regime is interested in is to divert attention from these issues. If the Syrian regime believes that our presence in Astana is our surrender, then it is nonsense», — he added.

Earlier it was reported that the negotiations on the Syrian settlement will take place in Astana at the Rixos President Astana. Presumably, they will end on Tuesday, January 24, reported the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

The talks will be held behind closed doors, in them will take part seven parties — the government and the opposition in Syria, and also Russia, Turkey, Iran, USA and special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Staffan de Mistura.

The Russian delegation was headed by special presidential envoy on the Syrian settlement , Alexander Lavrentiev. He expressed optimism about the success of the event.

The talks in Astana — the attempt to restart peace dialogue in Syria after the cease-fire there since December 30. The introduction of ceasefire was agreed with Turkey and Iran. It does not apply to terrorist groups operating in Syria, led by the «Islamic state» (IG DAYS). On the eve of the defense Ministry reported that another attack on positions of the IG to conduct strategic bombers Tu-22MZ, departing from Russia.

Talks on Syria in Astana took place earlier in 2015. The plans to hold new talks was announced in mid-December 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin. The President of Kazakhstan supported this idea.

Astana begin negotiations on Syria without a specified format 23.01.2017

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