Associate Professor of Kharkiv yurakademiya receives Russian award for a poem about «new Russia» and «satanic Euromaidan»

41-year-old docenti of the economic theory Department, Kharkiv national University of law according to Bronitskaya in social networks writes a poem about the terrorist «republics» and calls the Ukrainians «invaders». This is evidenced by the posts on her page in social network «Vkontakte».

In addition to teaching at the University, she wrote poems about the «militia of Donbass» and «Ukrainian aggression». She also has works with calls with the Russian armed incursion into the sovereign territory of Ukraine and odes in honor of the leaders of the Pro-Russian terrorist organizations.

2016 last year she became a laureate of the «Russian writer» in the nomination «New name». On the organization’s website, in particular, is one of her poems, in which the failed Kremlin’s geopolitical project «new Russia» is named the «concentration of all the wonderful impulses and aspirations» as well as «light» and «the idea of the size of the galaxy.»

As a supporter of the idea of full occupation of Ukraine and the destruction of the Pro-European Ukrainian democratic state itself in the window frames, moreover, is actively spreading in social networks fakie terrorists.

His anti-Ukrainian position is expressed in the window frames long ago, in 2014, she was an active member of Pro-Russian rallies, gave interviews to the Russian propaganda TV channels about the «Bandera in Kiev», and also wrote poetry about «satanic Euromaidan» and «Nazi scum».

Like many ideological supporters of «DNR»/»LNR» in the texts Branitskaya have the anti-Semitic expressions.

According to the monitoring of the project «Peacemaker», in the window frames is one of the administrators «Antimaydan Kharkiv». Her lecture is called «anti-Ukrainian propaganda.»

Calls himself «Russian» and still a citizen of the USSR. At Pro-Putin rallies in Kharkiv appeared in highlighted red, the Communist colors of clothing.

Thus in Yurakademiya about teacher-separatist know now decide whether to extend her employment agreement.

«The University in no case does not support its position. Now the window frames works on 1/4 of the bet, keeps the pair on one of the faculties. You can say that her access to students is limited. 30 June 2017 she ends the contract, we are studying all the facts, including position in social networks, and will make a decision», — quotes the words of Vice-rector for academic work Yuriy Barabash Kharkiv newspaper NewsRoom.

We will remind, in January it became aware of the judgment of Oktyabrsky district court of Kharkiv against a local 39-year-old Internet-separatist. For the distribution of materials with appeals to change of borders of Ukraine he was sentenced to 3.5 years of imprisonment.

Associate Professor of Kharkiv yurakademiya receives Russian award for a poem about «new Russia» and «satanic Euromaidan» 18.01.2017

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